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Weekly Wrap-Up, Week 53

THE WEEK IN PICTURES Right. Pictures, wouldn't that be fun? I figured it out. AOL changed my mail from plain old AOL Mail to 'New and Improved' AOL Mail for Notebooks. Somehow it runs the blog, so now I'm attempting to start another blog from gmail. Not doing well. I'm posting photos on Facebook so you can see them there. And when we get back, I'll use my wonderful eight year old PC to post. Never buying Apple anything again. THE NUMBERS 42.3 MPG. Downhill from the mountains, then downwind from a gale storm. 250 Hours- and counting- wasted with this iPad (the tool of Satan) to post pictures on the blog. 49 States visited. Woo hoo! 54 Churches visited 48,740 Miles on Libby 42,209 Miles on the trip so far 5 Quilt tops finished by you know who ? Quilt shops visited. I say a thousand, QG says forty or so. 6 Times we've entered California this trip. MUTTERINGS, MUSINGS, RANTS AND RAVES I refuse to rant any more about the iPad (the tool of Satan). The more we ride, the more we like little cities. Bishop. Garnerville, NV. Moab, UT. McCall, ID. I think living in a city without traffic lights and injury lawyers on every corner could be cool. I'd probably go crazy in a week. Funny how campers are so friendly and motellers (Motellers? Yes) keep to themselves. People ask us what states stand out. Tough question! I loved Maine, Tennessee, North and South Carolina... Washington, Oregon and a lot of California... THE STUPID DRIVER OF THE WEEK I'm driving southbound and so are you. Only you're in the northbound lanes, along the curb. Suddenly you shoot across traffic, in front of one northbound car and then in front of me, to the southbound curb. But you're on a bicycle, so I guess that's okay. And don't forget the Landing Party, Sunday May 19th, we roll in at noon. Mountain Crest Park, 4701 Durango, Las Vegas, 89129. It's a potluck, so bring something tasty and we'll share in the fun. RSVP We'll be there with Libby and the trailer, and we hope to see you there.

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