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50 States, 16 Days To Go

Tahoe City to Reno to Carson City, 87 Miles "Remember not only to say the right thing in the right moment, but far more difficult, is to leave unsaid the wrong thing in the tempting moment." ~Benjamin Franklin Since we had to be somewhere, we got to bed early and rose early too. And bonus, ding ding! I watched the sunrise over Lake Tahoe, the lake placid and calm, the sky pink and amber. A few geese paddled in the water, then flew off honking to the shoreline. Like most sunrises, the show appeared well before Mr. Sun, with the snow-capped mountains turning pink long before anything else. And Mr. Sun was a welcome sight, as the temperatures hovered around thirty-six degrees. After a pathetic continental breakfast of sweet rolls and fruit, we donned our Gerbing gear and headed out, skirting the lake and a plethora of beautiful homes along the shore. Wouldn't it be great to buy a $150,000 3 bedroom 2 bath house on the shore of Lake Tahoe? It sure would, but it'd be more like a million bucks. Crazy. We left the lake, climbed out, then descended a nine percent grade to a plain, then the town of Truckee. Jumping on I-80, we headed downhill even more and the thermometer climbed as we descended. The landscape became more desert the closer we got to Reno, then we hit the city and found Woody's, a bar owned by my nephew Chris. We met up with relatives, some of whom we hadn't seen for many moons. Great times. A few hours later we headed to Carson City and the last capitol of our Adventure, because we'll skip Hawaii. The Carson City Capitol didn't disappoint, since our expectations were so low. It was neat and simple, small and humble. The silver dome stood out from others, and made sense as Nevada is the Silver State. Since it was so small, almost everyone has left the building, save the governor and office worker bees. The remaining building was empty or museum. I found the museum interesting, as they described the first ten Supreme Court cases, including The Gambler (should Nevada reimburse the wife of a chronic gambler for his losses? No.), the Leaving Tax (should it be constitutional to tax people leaving the state by any vehicle for hire for $1? The Supremes overturned and said no.), and the Hanging of Mrs. Potts (did the lower court improperly instruct the jury? No. She was hanged, the only woman in the state to be executed.) A most interesting museum. And now, interested and in no danger of hanging, Quilter Girl! Plans change all the time and today was a good example of that. The original plan was for us to be in Reno to meet our relatives at 2:30 and have lunch together. Dad and Colleen were in Reno today on their journey to Seattle so we horned in on the gathering so we would have time to see the capitol today. Now that we have done that we are headed south, but how? Who knows? We will look at the maps and try to find a route that will be interesting and different. In Nevada? Good Luck! We had a great lunch, outside, at Firken and Fox in the historic part of downtown Carson City. Kevin enjoyed a meat and mushroom pot pie and I had their burger. The food was great and being outside was fun too. QG Tomorrow we head south through Nevada, state forty-nine. You may think it was state one, but in the beginning of this great tour,we just took off out of here, so it didn't count. See you tomorrow. Photos on Facebook. I'm so sorry for the lack of formatting. It seems that all the powers of hell are against me. Should have brought a PC laptop!

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