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Weekly Wrap-Up, Week 49


For cars, it's a guardrail. For bikes, it's a catapult. I'd prefer nothing.

Hog hog hog hog hog Libby hog.

No idea. Except Clark Kent has a campsite next to it.

How cool is he?

Dilapidated buildings everywhere, not just NM. Disturbing.

I guess it's a real live office.

Now there's some art.

"Let's go this way."
"I dunno."

Art, right. Pixie Sticks, Microwaved, Tossed Into A Blender.

The Big Room in Carlsbad Caverns makes a sign of the cross.


750        Foot descent into Carlsbad Caverns
370        Feet from bottom of Bottomless Pit to top of Liberty Dome
36,000   Miles Libby's traveled, this trip
38,500   Total miles, including Alaska
45,000   Miles she just turned
-22         Cents we paid for three days' camping at KOA. Points, plus one free day. 


Wifi. Motels and campgrounds run the gamut, from pretty good service to "You really shouldn't claim you have wifi."
"Yes, we have wifi. It works best in the laundry if you crouch on top of the third dryer."
Motel 6 charges for it, which makes sense as they are super cheap and the people who don't use it need not pay. But three bucks a day?
The little Hotspot has worked fairly well almost everywhere. I almost always get a signal, but sometimes it's glacial too.
And God bless MacDonald's. Very dependable, good quality wifi. And it works best with a hot fudge sundae, only a buck or maybe a bit more. 

Amazing. The guy at the current motel is surly. The place is fine, but he skews our perception. Being nice makes so much difference. 

It just dawned on me that this week, we've seen all 50 states! The remaining states are reruns. Time for a MacDonald's hot fudge sundae! 

Small town people are head and shoulders more friendly than city folk. I spent almost an hour leaving this week's church. 


Change lanes. Don't look. Almost take the guy out. When he honks, give a jovial wave, like, 'Thank you.' Right. You're welcome. Third place.

A three RV caravan, the first two make a u-turn and you, the lady in the third coach, couldn't possibly wait for the approaching car. Why, you'd be out of the convoy! And since they drove fifty feet and turned into a shopping center, you could have gotten lost. Best just to cut the guy off.  Second place.
Two lane median freeway, a car is passing me in the fast lane. I look in my rearview mirror and can't believe it. God forbid you'd line up and wait for him to pass me, then take your turn, no! Pass me on the shoulder. Congratulations and a big first place. The lady in the RV is a distant second.  

Next week we head to Arizona and the Grand Canyon. No idea why they call it 'Grand.'
Don't forget 'Church Surch,' previous post. Thanks for following.

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