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The Weekly Wrap-Up, Week 51


Typical traffic in Lake Havasu City. Gotta love it. 

One gig of memory, and less than seven feet tall.

The queen of spit up. I say skip the middle step and just throw the formula, pretty much everywhere. 

Is this a building, or art? California. Who knows? Okay, it looks pretty cool, I admit. 

VeeWee bus. California. It's just natural. 

Overpriced gas? Perhaps. Oh, we're in California. No problem. 

Quilter Girl walks on gold. Hearst's Roman pool.

Bill and Carol. QG found another quilter, looking at the ground and spotting a quilt square. 

Guess where? Beautiful, right? Motel 6. Honest. 

Another reason California is a beautiful, screwed up state. Hundreds of lawyer jokes come to mind. But as a friend of mine said, they aren't funny. 


1.5          Years to build the USS Midway. That is rocket fast.
50           During WWII, Henry Kaiser's company built that many ships in a year. 
848.01    Dollars. For a service, rear tire, and air cleaner for Libby. 
15           Dollars for a toll road, three times the car's rate! CA.
40           Thousand dollars, passed for the trip expenses
40           Thousand miles, passed for the trip's distance. 'Bout a buck a mile.
498         Steps we climbed, up and down, at the Castle. Yes, I counted. 
165         Rooms at Hearst Castle.


My daughter didn't tell me this, but I've gathered that having twins is a lot of work. And they can supply a seemingly unlimited supply of spitup. 

A big tip of the face shield to CalCoast Motorsports! We came in rather late (2:30), they jumped right to it, and everyone was polite and professional. Craig, the owner, stopped at their new, well appointed lounge and chatted with us. He's passionate about his shop, about motorcycles, and his great crew. He bragged about how he's got employees that have worked for him for 8, 12, 21, and thirty something years. Awesome job, CalCoast.

Have you ever turned off the Wifi or Internet on your computer, laptop or notebook? I did. It was the scariest twelve seconds of my life. 

For the first time today, I thought, "Oh, no, we've got less than a month to go." Aw, poor baby, only have around twice as much as an average vacation. Shut up and enjoy yourself!

We've fallen for the franchise trap. It's easy to stop at MacDonald's or Burger King for breakfast, because it's cheap, fast and the place is clean. They have built our trust. Same with Motel 6. They've remodeled their units and policies, and we can depend on them. KOA campgrounds, too. The others have failed us repeatedly. It takes effort to find the local places and give them a chance. 


I-5 Northbound. I'm in the right lane and am running out of freeway, needing to merge. Put on the signal. As soon as you see it, Mr. Black Lincoln Navigator, you run up beside me because God forbid you'd have to change lanes, or (shudder) slow down and let me in! Think you'd do that if I was a tractor trailer? Huh? Slap you with the satin sash forty times about the head and neck. 
In a tie this week, as we rode up Highway 1, you passed a car on a curve, the bright yellow line indicating that's not the place to pass. Yet here you came, in our lane, running out of room, all three of us. Glad we weren't three seconds earlier. 
Next Adventure I'm driving a locomotive with a huge cowcatcher. 

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Mel said...

A buck a mile really isn't that expensive for a family of four, you know. Although it sounds like you're spending way more on one child (Libby) than the other (what's her name... oh, yeah, Ethyl... or is it Ethel?).
It appears that Libby is being treated like a winged golden angel, while what's her name is treated just, well... sew sew.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Ethyl (please note the spelling, she really hates you) is pretty low maintenance, but Libby demands a little more attention. Perhaps we should buy a Singer motorcycle? If it was a 'featherweight' like Ethyl, it would weigh a ton and a half.

Mel said...

I think the least you could do for Ethyl (note that I spelled her name correctly) is offer her a Mechanicure and a Pedalcure. Translated, that means a mechanical reconditioning and a new foot pedal. Then she might be a little less jealous of all the pampering that Libby has been getting. She might hate me less, too, since it was my idea!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Well, I shouldn't have let them get close to one another. Ethyl wants a vinyl wrap (red white and blue, of course) and Libby wants steel components. Talk about peer pressure!