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50 States, Day 350



Indian city. Okay. Okay. Okay! Shut up. 

Are those stuffed real dinosaurs, or fakes?

Nice ride! Needs a little work... Bondo, paint...

They never really told how petrification works. But it sure looks cool. 

This is my point about modern art. Looks like a four year old did it. Oh. A four-year old DID do it. Capitol hall.

This AZ past governor looks like a stuffed shirt.

Navajo code talker, WWII. They used their native tongue, unbreakable. 

Campsite. Dry, level, shaded and protected. Dad's garage.

Shrieking winds, then this. Not a good AZ start.

A 65 year old French bicycle. they really haven't changed much. The French sent boxcars of stuff to America to thank us for sending them gobs of  food. Post WWII.


50         Weeks completed. We're behind a bit.

4           States to go.

39,000  Miles completed so far. 

39,380  Dollars, spent so far. Hawaii will adjust this number. Upward. 

220       Dollars a day to rent a Harley in Hulaville. 

20         Percent of it is taxes and fees, ridiculous. 

70         Degree temperature swing this week, from 28 in Holbrook to 98 in LHC.

50         MPH winds Monday. 


Ding ding ding! We have a winner! The newest 'scientists' at Petrified Forest called the early days of the Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Wow. Quite a bit more than 350 million and 250 million, respectively of earlier park exhibits. So they're off by 3.15 billion years. We call that scientific give and take. 

Carefree Highway. Happy Valley Road. Lake Pleasant. A tip of the face shield to Arizona for their awesome naming skills. Weed, California, take note. 

Unbelievable! A homemade trike with a sidecar, looking Steam Punk style, the rider smoking a pipe. It had a four cylinder in line engine, and looked so cool. It stopped at a light as we crossed the street. Wouldn't you like to see a photo of it? Me too, but I didn't bring the camera or the phone. Ariel, in the Henderson Writer's Group, would have loved to see it. She's big time Steam Punk. 

Phoenix, given the thumbs down by travel advisories the world over about their oppressive camera traps for speeds and intersections, has removed all of them. That must have cost them a fortune. 
Remember Burma Shave billboards? No? Ask your father. Okay, your grandfather. Why doesn't someone else do them? They were fun.

My dad has a VCR on a shelf in his living room. Isn't hooked up to anything. Soon it'll be a collector's item.

People ask me and QG how we get along, do we fight. We are together almost 24-7. We bite and snap at one another on occasion, but seldom draw blood. Much blood. 


You're a big red tractor trailer. You pass me, but run up on the car in front of you and squeeze the following distance to the length of a Smart Car. Stupid truck. 


Mel said...

You and QG appear to take seriously the Bible verse that reads, "...never let the sun go down on your wrath." That verse has helped Judy and I remain best friends for nearly 37 years, BUT... We've NEVER travelled together for more than two weeks at a time.
You two are AMAZING!

Mel said...

I like what AZ does with their former "stuffed shirt" governors.
If we threatened our current governors, congresspersons and senators with the same treatment, perhapds they'd be less likedly to continue creating more problems than they are fixing! Sorry for the rant...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

We don't let the sun go down on our wrath either. We've been up for 37 days. And counting.
Any more sleep deprivation an dI'll be ranting about the government.