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50 States, Day 347

  Holbrook to Mesa,  257 Miles

"A foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet."
~James Openheim

Gerbing gear should be called 'The Attitude Adjuster.' We took off from the 6 geared up, but not plugged in. As we rode through the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, I was Mr. Whiner: "Every minute in Arizona has been miserable, from shrieking winds on Monday, snow that night, rain Tuesday and cold, now freezing cold and wind." Wah, wah. Poor QG was too nice to pretend the intercom battery was dead. After we'd visited the park and headed out, I stopped and claimed it was time for plugging in, even if the weather was supposed to get warmer. Good call! Before getting warmer , it got way colder as we rode into the mountains, with eight inches of snow and thirty-seven degree weather. But the Gerbings kept us warm and happy. And with the gorgeous snow on the rocks and in the trees, it was worth it. And thank God we didn't try this yesterday, it could have been sketchy. 

Arizona brings thoughts of saguaro and sage, but the mountains provided green pine trees and snow. The wind would knock clumps of snow off the trees, causing puffs of snow to drift across the highway. Very pretty. 

We fueled at Payson and while we were downhill and warmer, I insisted we plug in once more, but after a few dozen miles we turned them off. And by the time we rolled into the Phoenix Vally, we took off the Gerbings and enjoyed the seventy plus degree weather.

We missed the Grand Canyon, but didn't miss the snow and cold.

And now, warm and dry, Quilter girl!

I am a very happy (non) camper!  We talked about going to the KOA in Mesa/Apache Junction, but as we headed South I spotted a Motel 6.  To ride miles out of town to camp one night, then head back this way didn't make sense.  We are near I-10 to head to the capitol tomorrow and we have the door and window open.  There is something blooming out there with the nicest smell wafting in here.  I am cutting up fabric for Samuel's baby quilt.  

The decision to stay was also a blessing as we walked up the block to find a place for dinner.  We were heading for a Denny's we saw, the only sit down option we could see.  Hiding behind it was a local BBQ restaurant, Tom's BBQ. Sold!  

Great BBQ sauce, really tender meat and wonderful people made this a great choice for us.  We rolled back to the motel and are enjoying the warm weather.  I love this part of the country in the Spring!      


Yesterday we booked tickets to Hawaii, State 50. We'll fly in on May 8 and back on May 15. If you'd be interested in flying to Kona, renting a Harley and riding with us for a week, let me know by email at Wouldn't that be the best?

And we'd love to see you at the '50 States Landing Party,' at Las Vegas on May 19th, more details to come if you haven't gotten the E-Vite. Hope to see you there too. 


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