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50 States, Day 343

  Santa Fe to Gallup,  230 Miles

"A nation that forgets it's past has no future."

~Winston Churchill

"Isn't that pretty?" Quilter Girl referred to a mesa, reddish orange cliffs with a skirt of loose rocks that fell off over the years.  

Many of you might ride through the desert and think it's brown, dry and boring. It's probably an acquired taste, but we love it. When riding past the huge mesas, one can imagine a wagon train trundling along, the family ahead of the team. 

The rides are becoming longer and faster, due to the West being more wide open with highways of two lanes rolling over the hills and dales. 

Along the way we spotted a sign for Petroglyph National Monument, so we exited and found them. A 1.1 mile walk would lead us past 500 of them. I'm sorry, but I consider petroglyphs to be 700 year old graffiti. If I were to carve my silhouette in a rock, I'd go to prison. But 700 years later, wouldn't anthropologists be intrigued? Sorry, cynical. We cut the hike short. However, it was interesting and we hit the Visitor Center and met the ranger who was a biker too, rides a Honda Interstate. He and his wife ride and camp quite a bit. 

We rolled into Gallup, famous for... probably nothing. But we headed to the Badlands Diner and enjoyed a delicious meal, prime rib dinner for me and French dip sandwich  for QG, both excellent, and the service as well. But $55 with tip? Pretty expensive. 

With only five states, to go, we actually have an idea of where we're going and what we're doing. It looks like this:

Arizona from Monday until April 14

California until April 28

Oregon until May 5

Northern Nevada until May 8, approximately.

Hawaii for a week, until May 15

Southern Nevada until May 19. 

Big party on May 19, just like the Launch Party a year ago, at the same Lone Mountain Park at noon at Lone Mountain and Durango. This time it's a potluck so bring a motorcycle themed dish- whatever that could be. 

And if you're a biker and would like to ride in with us that last day, we'll probably leave Pahrump around 8:30 Sunday morning and you could ride along. Should be fun and we'll firm it up as time gets close. 

We'll provide more information later, but clear your schedule and plan on being at the party, it will be fun!  

And now, both biker trash and desert rat, Quilter Girl!

Our surroundings are looking and feeling more like home every mile.  We loved Santa Fe and the miles between there and Gallup really remind us of areas near home.  There are so many interesting places to see and things to do, but one week in each state is not enough to do it all.  With these closer states, we can come back and do what we have missed.  It is a lot more likely that we will return to Carlsbad, NM than to Tennessee,  though I want to go back to both places.  I really am looking forward to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Stay tuned tomorrow for the Weekly Review and the Church Surch. See you then.  


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