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50 States, 24 Days To Go

  Newport to Salem,   142 Miles

“There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, ‘Yes; I’ve got dreams; of course I’ve got dreams.’ Then, they put the box away and bring it out once in a while to look in it, and yep, they’re still there.”
~Erma Bombeck

Fighting the photograph loading on the blog has been an ongoing source of immense irritation, and the for the past three days it erupted once again. Like Pavlov's dog, I got snippy. Poor Quilter Girl, living with Mr. Snippy. What makes it more frustrating is that if I used a laptop instead of an iPad (the tool of Satan), it wouldn't have been a problem at all. But the extra step required to upload the pics has cost me hundreds of hours. Enough whining. 

The ocean provided wonderful views, with crashing waves onto rocks, miles of sandy beaches or huge cliffs shrugging off soil with regularity, making for a great ride. We stopped in Depoe Bay, the smallest bay in the world. Getting into the bay from the ocean requires excellent boating skills, as the pilot must ride a wave into the slot, and with a dozen feet on either side, steer to starboard, then port. They actually cruise in at a good clip, under power, to steer their craft well. 

We rode north a bit more, then bade the Pacific Ocean goodbye until Hawaii. Rather than endure a letdown, we rode highway 229, a bike rider's dream. It followed the river, curving left and right and steering away, with up and down hill sections like a roller coaster. And I needed to pay attention, as the shoulder dropped off precipitously. QG did well, only telling me the speed limit signs a few times. 

The more inland we rode, the warmer the temperatures climbed, and at Dairy Queen we gave up the Gerbings. And there's nothing like a French Silk Pie Blizzard in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Somebody at Dairy Queen was clever. Yum. QG enjoyed the Chocolate Covered Pretzel Blizzard.  

We rode into a couple of towns and QG got to shop in three stores today, two quilt shops and one specialty store. I got to be a Broken Down Man and cruised around town (afoot) and snapped photos. Corvallis got the two thumbs up today, a nice town with cute shops and plenty of trees.

And now, shopped and happy, Quilter Girl!

Today was heaven, sunshine and just a few high wispy clouds.  We rode north on 101, one of the best parts of that highway today.  I have hit 3 quilt stores in two days, what fun.  I got my Oregon fabrics in Florence at a shop that had some of the best florals I have seen.  I have a nice lighthouse fabric and one that is cherry blossoms, but I thought they were rhodies.  Today we found Quiltwork Patches on the main road in Corvallis that had some very unique fabrics, really artsy prints in great new colors.  They had my peanut fabric that I have been looking for since Missouri.  It will now represent Georgia.  I also dug through their sale fat quarters and fat eighths and harvested some great pieces for my baby quilts.  The next store was the Quilt Loft which has super prices, so I found more things for the scrappy quilts.  I was in seventh heaven, but the bonus was the Many Villages store that had some earrings that came home with me.  

We met my mom and dad and had a really nice dinner at The Wild Pear in Salem.  My mom had found it on Trip Advisor where she will add to the thumbs up.  Daddy had a meatloaf sandwich, I had Kahlua pork sandwich, Mother had a pizza and Kevin had a wild mushroom pasta.  All were very good, service was wonderful, it was a good experience. 

Tomorrow the Oregon Capitol Building. Very unusual and lovely. See you then.  


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