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Weekly Wrap-Up Week 47



People see terrazzo. QG sees a quilt pattern.

Marketing genius. .

QG finds quilting, on the tunnel into the OK Capitol

Kevin finds dirt biker on same. 

QG finds a quilt in the Capitol. Okay, you win.

Some motel pools are better than others. Once you got used to the cold water, it was okay. 

Do I... reserve my rattlesnake? Rent or buy one? I think it's a baseball team. 

John Steinbeck's inspiration for 'The Grapes of Wrath.'

QG moves the earth.

Biker trash. Terry and Saundra Burns.


4,000          Loads of Sunset Red Granite for the Texas Capitol.
11,000        Loads of limestone. 
14               Different cities that were the capitol of Texas, mostly to avoid the Mexican army.
285             Million years, the start of the earth. They should compare notes to the 350 M people.
37,000        Miles this trip.
44               States completed.
200,000      Population of Amarillo, TX.
482             Population of Amarillo in 1890.


Isn't it interesting that we are so safety conscious- the kid strapped in a NASCAR seat, facing backwards, thirty six airbags that turn your car into a giant s'mores marshmallow upon impact, the stewardess demonstrating how to put on a seat belt- and buses, including school buses (that stop at RR crossings and open the door) don't have seat belts?

Amazing how some people can have raucous conversations outside your motel room at any time of night. 

A tip of the face shield to Josh, who gave me a crash course in fracking. Amazing and innovative.

Some people are so nice you can hardly stand it. the Burnses have been wonderful, gracious hosts, rolling out the red carpet for us and making us feel special. Great friends, great times.  

And a tip of the visor to Saundra Burns, who is... more than twenty years old... and went for a ride with me on Libby today. Awesome!


Austin. One way street. You're going up the middle lane and decide to turn left, much to the dismay of the car at your left back door, who honks at you. You swing back, he goes by and a half a block later you turn left. Again. From the center lane. Apparently 'Hindsight is 20-20' doesn't apply to you. 

Don't forget 'Church Surch,' previous post. 

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