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Weekly Wrap-Up, week 46



"That Gold Wing can haul ice, let me tell ya."

Any ideas on what this does? An electric deer feeder? I say let them forage.

Portable bar. See the barstools on the sides? Everything unfolds.

"Jesus died for your sins, so bacon and eggs are $3.99."

What a concept! A screen big enough to read.

That must save tax dollars on a number of levels.

Bonnie and Clyde's car. Customizing by the Texas Rangers. Don't mess with Texas.

Apparently they don't have problems with women smokers.

So you bikers like twisties? WWII road up the Himalayas. Don't overshoot the turn!


43,047 Miles on Libby
9,025  Miles at start
43        States visited
46        Weeks completed
185.7  Billion dollars raised in 8 WWII bond drives, around half the cost of the war.
2          Place, Texas, for pecan production
2          Place Texas, for size. 
2          Place, Texas, for wineries in America. What, do they get second in everything?
1          Place, Texas, wine consumed. Okay, then. 
14        Million dead from WWII
95        Percent of motel sinks that have bad stoppers. 


San Antonio looked like a nice place to live- until they said they built a $1B football stadium thinking, 'Build it and they will come,' but they didn't. I wouldn't want to throw tax dollars away for 30 years on a boondoggle like that. 

Schizo weather this time of year. From a high of 93 to a low of 46 this week. Spring. 

Far fewer accents in Texas. So many transplants. 

Hiking the Enchanted Rock, I saw just as many Boomers as teenie boppers staring at phones. Oh, please. 

And a tip of the visor to KOA campgrounds, especially the one in Fredericksburg. Super friendly. Don't get that in motels. 

Every night, it's something. Planes, trains or automobiles. Motorcycles and diesel trucks. Birds, cattle and wind. Something's going to keep us from a good night's sleep in the tent. We'll sleep well when the trip's over.


Two lanes each way, divided median. Three of us are waiting to turn left and you, a cement truck, headed the opposite direction, prepare to turn left. You have the right of way. But then you stop, wait for us to go, and we can't see around you! Next you honk your air horn and gesture angrily at us. If you would have gone like you were supposed to, we all would have gone sooner. Read the rules of the road, dude!

And the Stupid Driver of the Week, in Picture

One car length. Sixty-five M.P.H. Tailgating idiot. 


Mel said...

What do Jack's Cafe's sign, the Texas pistol tee shirt and Bonnie & Clyde's car have on common?
They all relate to holiness... or holey-ness!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I don't know. I could shoot holes in that theory. Wait a minute.