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Weekly Wrap- Up, Week 44



Ah, comfort and style. Well, one out of two. Okay, none out of two. 

This rocks! The eyes roll and the beak opens. C'mon KFC, put 'em everywhere!

"I'm so old and tired I can't even hold up my door handle."

Modern art. You tell me what a kneeling guy with a straw going into him means.

More modernism. At least it rotated in the wind.

This is what the 'We're going to change the world' college students left behind after their feel good rally. I can't hear what you're saying because of what you're doing.

Isn't that a nice way to say it? Somebody's thinking. 

Ouch. This showed up in the motel parking lot. There's a story there. The airbags worked.

Autumn in Alabama. March first. 

How many of these do we need? Saw three walking to church. 


508 Lynchings in Georgia between 1882 and 1930
3.46 A gallon for gas. Is that cheap or normal everywhere else?
40,969 Miles on Libbey
9,025 Her mileage at the start
31,944             Trip miles, lower 48
34,438             Total miles so far
40                     States visited
10                     To go
4                       Weeks behind 'schedule.' Who cares?


It doesn't take much for service to be adequate or excellent. I checked out of the Motel 6 and the clerk looked up from his computer, halfway across the room, and said thanks. Checking in to the Super 8, the clerk entered into conversation with give and take and made us feel important. It cost him nothing. 

Diving into the Political Correctness cesspool, I'm not supposed to call them blacks, but African Americans. So I'm offended if you call me white. Call me European American. And don't call my wife a woman; call her Female American. Or Female European American. Don't offend us. 

I'm probably Mr. Worst Dressed, but when did it become okay for adults to wear pajama bottoms in public?
Alabama is the Deep South! I talked to a guy about motorcycles for around five minutes and I listened intently and understood about two thirds of what he said, as he spoke Bamanese. 


We're driving around a city square and in front of me, you in your big black SUV, spot a parking place angled backwards, on the left. You take a swing out to somehow jam that thing in there and hold up both lanes, so we wait. Then you realize the impossibility of it and get going again. Turn the corner, halfway down the block and you swing across both lanes to the right side for a parking place. We'll just constantly avoid you. But congratulations, you found a spot. 

Don't forget Church Surch, previous post. 

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