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50 States, The Weekly Wrap-Up

  Galveston, to Victoria,  229 Miles

I looked at our bleak surroundings. "Why did we come here?"
Quilter Girl: "Because you wanted to." 
Ouch. We're pretty much off the beaten track, with not much to tour. And since one of us left the camera on the trailer at a stop, we have no photos today. But I won't throw her under the bus by saying who did it. 
Therefore, today we present The Weekly Wrap-Up.


Libby and QG both hate dirt roads! It started raining and she walked. QG, not Libby. 

Pretty scary when the nicest building in town holds a collection agency.

Missed Mammy's. Pity. Looked tacky and fun.

The car's worth twice the shack. Okay, five times.

Non smoking room. Ashtray. No smoking sticker on it. Huh?

Won this at the GWRRA meeting raffle. Gluing it on Libby's tank. 

Texas is a big freaking state. Exit 880? Sheesh!

They tax mud in Texas? If it rains do your taxes go up? Do they go down in a drought?

Old school. Nice. 

$120k. On Galveston Bay. Double wide piece of crap, but $120K? Wow. 


9                 Oil changes. So far.
79               Stamps in our National Park Passbook.
50               Stamps in one year to qualify for an Iron Butt license plate frame.
140             Dollars, oil change. They did 'Inspection; Customer On Trip' also. 
2                 Women's stalls in the KOA campground. Men's too. And 2 urinals.
125             Campsites
2                 Shower stalls
2                 Sinks, one with hot water


The last campground had a lady with two dogs. She played an audio of dogs barking to soothe hers. It didn't soothe anyone else. And I don't play audio of dozens of people yammering to soothe me. 

Seems like both Texas and Louisiana are economically schizophrenic. Going like crazy with oil and chemicals, starving otherwise. Lots of jobs and prosperity, lots of vacant commercial buildings and run down houses.

If for some reason you can't get to church, go to and click on TheRidgeLiveTV. At 6 P.M. Saturdays and 9 and 11 on Sundays, you can participate in the services with your computer or even your worthless iPad. It's pretty cool, at least for us, to stay connected while away. 

We had people pull beside us on the freeway today and take our pictures. That's pretty neat. 

My hair is getting long and I'm looking like a maggot again. It's uncontrollable at a certain length; from stubble to seven feet. 

No wonder people camp in the summer! It's either raining, blowing, cold, snowing, cold or even cold. Warm today, but windy. 

Cameras are like copiers. New camera, $69. Memory card, $36. Sheesh.


We're riding along on a two lane and you pass us going 80, and you better be, because you just made it. And what's the hurry? Probably got to get home and watch 'The Mentalist'! You're mental.

'Church Surch,' going to a Catholic Church tomorrow. New Pope and all. See you then and thanks for riding sidecar!


Mel said...

I hope you don't need to get 21 more stamps in your National Parks Stamp Book to get a SECOND Iron Butt License Plate Frame! Both your butts were on the bike the entire ride (except when QG walked through the mud), so I say you EACH deserve a Iron Butt Frame!

Speaking of mud, the mud tax on the new homes is waived only for those whose name is Mud... you need to read the fine print!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

They used to tax doors, so if you wanted to get onto the balcony you went through the window. It's just hilarious how the government tries to come up with clever ideas to collect taxes, and how people do their darnedest to avoid them.