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50 States, Week 45


It's a hard life being a ship's flag

Quilter Girl negotiates those terrible ship's stairs

A fearsome lion.. with the mange

"I survived Katrina... and got a facelift."  
"I'm so cold."

This gas station's been closed awhile!

Which way ARE we going anyway?

Buy a slave. Buy a mule. Get a slave AND a mule. The slaves were better, they got two exclamation points. 

I don't know where you would wear it, but it shore is purdy. And everyone's carrying baskets these days

That's practicing what you preach!


2,402             Military personnel, mostly,  killed at Pearl Harbor
2,996             Civilians, mostly, killed at 9-11
1,833             Deaths from Hurricane Katrina
5.939             Gallons of gas on  a recent fillup
6                    Gallon tank. I figure we actually had around a quart, including the neck
41                  States visited
184                Years old, the Methodist church in Natchez


QG keeps pretty cool when I ride the wrong way down a one way street, but calmly informs me I've screwed up. I appreciate that. Stupid driver of the week? Nah. I forgive myself. 

I missed the memo, but when did the rules change so kids can run around restaurants like idiots?

We saw new leaves coming out today. Hooray!

I did it. People joke about writers, don't make them mad or they'll put you in a story and kill you. I had a guy screw me over really good, so in my short story I cut him out of a will and he ended up in prison where he died. So there!

If you're riding down the road and spot a dive with a parking lot full of cars, mid-afternoon, you better get in there and be hungry, because it will be a treat. 

That's a wrap. Don't forget Church Surch, previous post. Next week, Louisiana. 


Mel Nason said...

Wonder what's included in the "Louisiana Guarantee" given to those slave purchasers requesting it. Did the Mule purchasers receive a guarantee, too? Just wonderin'...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I'm afraid to ask.