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50 States, Day 336


Amarillo, touring  0 Miles

"Worry is an abuse of God's gift of imagination."

We're spending Easter weekend with Terry Burns, my agent, and his lovely wife Saundra. If you think of Jerry Maguire when I say agent, you're sadly mistaken. I think if you cut Terry Burns, he would bleed integrity. I love that. 

Saundra owns a massage studio, so while QG and Terry went to a quilt store (lucky Terry), Saundra gave me the best massage I've ever encountered. Ahhhhhhhh. To the seventh power. If you're ever in Amarillo, stop by for the treatment of kings. 

She finished with me and they squeegeed me into the car, where Terry gave me the grand tour of town while QG got the treatment of queens. We visited the downtown area that looks like it's well into a reinvention of itself, and doing a good job of it. Buildings are being rebuilt into condos, others resurrected into senior living places, and the city has plans for a downtown baseball field. Batter up. 

By the way, Amarillo has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Texas; oil, cattle, farming and transportation. Originally it was a whistle stop for the railroad, yet survived the diesel locomotives, which didn't need to stop for water like the steamers. However, 3 highways came through town, including Route 66, so it remained a good stop. 

Man, the Burns folks rolled out the red carpet, and for lunch we ate- what else? barbecue at Dyers. And the ribs were tender, moist, meaty and delicious. Add potato salad, cole slaw and more fixin's and life is good. Nothing like locals taking you to local hangouts.      
Word got out around the church about us, so we were invited to a sunrise biker run/sunrise service. I'll be doing that (QG blanched at the idea of getting up early on Easter!) and will be back in time for the Easter service. 
And now, with perhaps the most relaxed muscles in West Texas, Quilter Girl!

I found a wonderful quilt store in Amarillo!  It was called Sisters' Scraps and I was in Heaven.  The first thing I saw was a new line of fabrics with polka dots and zig zags in a solid  bright color and white.  It would make a great baby quilt.  Terry came in and helped me find Texas longhorn fabric, Mardi Gras fabric,  a piece with bucking broncs and another piece for Texas.  There were also a couple pieces of clearance fabric that called my name pretty loudly so I had to bring them home.  I wish I could have dragged a few more bits and pieces, but I do have space issues.  

I loved my massage.  We are being treated like royalty here and are on our way to the hot tub for a bit.  Kevin never wants to leave, I'm not sure I do either.


See you tomorrow for Church Surch and The Week in Pictures. Thanks so much for following and Merry Easter. (Why does everyone say Merry Christmas and Happy Easter?)

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