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50 States, Day 332


Fort Worth, Texas to Oklahoma City, OK,  228 Miles

"Live life in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip."
~Will Rogers

Another broken promise. We did not visit the Stockyards today.  And let that be a lesson to all of us, the website didn't impress us, looking like everything happened on weekends, and it seemed like all it featured was bars and shops. Instead of dallying, we headed North to Okieville. 

Today I thought we'd mix it up a bit and do photos with commentary, starting with:

No wonder the sink stoppers don't work! I get a feeling they remove them because someone gets in a tizzy because they were shorted on soap, so they stop the sink and run the water and leave. I hope not; maybe they're just saving money. 

This is a grain silo/something thingy. The more we see, the more we realize we don't know anything about anything. Our kids as teenagers may have been right. 

Texas Motor Speedway. Amazing, these places cost a jillion dollars to build and make their money in a week or two. And NASCAR builds them without a dime of government money. Hello, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB? Perhaps if you paid your overpaid athletes a bit less and built your own dang stadiums? Okay, settle down, Kev. 

We got caught in a huge traffic jam, so stopped at a truck stop for Subway sandwiches. Getting back on, I missed the on ramp, took a three mile detour, got back on farther back in the melee. Time saved? Perhaps none. But the turkey flatbread sandwiches tasted yummy. 

You used to know you were in Indian country by the sound of tom toms. Now it's the sound of slot machines. First sign as we entered Oklahoma. They have myriad casinos, and of course just like Nevada, someone puts one right at the border so the Texans can come on over and leave a bit of money there. 

The sign said, 'Vehicles With Trailers,' so Libby sat among the big rigs. She hates that, both feeling like a truck and a little girl. Sometimes she's a truck, or a motorcycle, or an RV. It's tough being a Gold Wing with a trailer. 

This was the first 'Scenic Viewpoint' in Oklahoma. I kid you not. 285 million years ago some mountains were there (probably around the third week in July), and sometime between then and now got flattened. These rocks were left. Fascinating. Oh to be a soils engineer. 

We're riding North, right out of spring. Hardly a leaf to be found! Pretty gray. Cold too. But sunny.

Do people make money with horses? Do ranches use them for anything but fun? And why have quarter horses? Shouldn't they have a full on horse? And which quarter are they? Questions we ask during the ride. 

Calling in to Janet on James Kelley's 'Aspects of Writing' radio show today at at 2:00 p.m. daylight time, every other week. You can view it live on Youtube at and just click on the "feature" button. After a few introductions, I'm the first interview. 

And now, torn away from DWTS for a few minutes, Quilter Girl!

Kevin was up for a couple of hours at 2 to 4 a.m. last night and the night before wasn't better.  He slept until 10 this morning so we missed breakfast and had to get packed up quickly.  We were on the road at 11:20 this morning.  Not too good, but we were just headed up I-35.  It  is a worthy goal to avoid freeways, but really there is no other decent way and we are talking about Texas and Oklahoma.  It was a good run for us and had the bonus of a Visitor's Center with lots of great brochures at the first rest area.  We have a road map! 


Tomorrow (Lord willing and the creek don't rise!) we'll visit the Capitol, the bombing memorial, and perhaps the Cowboy Museum. See you then.


Pam said...

Really Kevin??? "tom-toms" ??? You must be remembering an old John Wayne movie ha!

Always love tuning in and seeing what you saw!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Okay, how about smoke signals and now it's casino marquees. Better?