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50 States, Day 328

Fredericksburg and Thereabouts,  73 Miles

“They say marriage is made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.”
~Clint Eastwood

I enjoy challenging and rewarding hikes. While today's hike to Enchanted Rock was challenging and rewarding, it also included the following:
At the summit:
"Should I text it or email it?"
Whatever's faster, Dude. After all, you've successfully climbed six tenths of a mile, so why wait until you're back in the parking lot? Get it out now! And keep your eyes on that screen. Don't let the incredible view distract you.

A kid, trembling and crawling up a rock face while Dad gave her instructions, one foot at a time. I walked right past them. Another kid sat and declared she wasn't going up another step, while her contemporaries encouraged her to break through and enjoy the summit. 

But waiting at the cave entrance outdid them all. Dad stood there holding up traffic, while he verbally instructed his kid in proper camera operation. I'll wait. Then when Dad and his son entered, three kids dashed in front of me and cut me off. I turned away and decided to forget it, thinking a parent would tell junior to be polite, but that didn't happen. 

I just took off and headed for the backside of the rock and found the loop trail, and blessed isolation. Ah, yes. There were a few people here and there, but hundreds of feet away. I like people, but hiking with a crowd of shouting, screaming rude- and vulgar- kids, some of whom were adult age, is not for me. The road less travelled applies for the trail less traveled as well.  

The entire rock, eighteen miles North of Fredericksburg, was magnificent pink granite that offered awesome territorial views. The landscape varied with cactus, scrub trees and mesquite. And while crowded, the hike did present a challenge,as it was only six tenths of a mile, but gained five hundred feet in elevation. Couple the fabulous viewpoints with spot on weather (75 and calm) and it made for an exceptional hike-once I got through being snotty.  

Back at the bike I waited as scores of the little darlings meandered through the parking lot toward the bus, taking up the traffic lane. As I waited, I met Steve and Jackie, two Aussies on a Triumph 800, touring America. They shipped the bike here, and have been traveling seven weeks, their goal to tour for six months. We enjoyed one another's company, sharing stories and comparing notes. They have no plan, but will stay South until it gets hot, then head North. 

We met a lot of nice people this week, including Carl and Chris, Dave and Dan, Ron and Shari, and a number of others, each with their story. Great times.

And now, refreshed from doing laundry and bills, not having to hike, Quilter Girl!

I know I did laundry and bills, but I sat outside under a tree listening to a multitude of birds, including the resident chickens, chirping, singing and crowing.  There was a pleasant breeze unlike yesterday's wind.  Days like today make this trip special.  Kevin got back just as I was done, so we took off for downtown Fredericksburg to find some food.  We strolled the streets, window shopping and people watching until we found Fredericksburg Brewing Company.  They served German food along with other bar food.  Kevin ate a Cajan Catfish and I enjoyed their Schnitzel, both were yummy and we rolled out of the restaurant.  We window shopped again and came back to enjoy the evening at the tent.  If you ever have a chance, visit Fredericksburg, it is worth the time.


Tomorrow, off to Austin. Thanks for following.

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