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50 States, Day 312

  Biloxi to Jackson, 180 Miles

"One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention."
~Jim Rohn

Okay you people in the South and East, listen up. Just like people live paycheck to paycheck, you live hurricane to hurricane. "That was Andrew," or "Just before Frederick," and of course, "Post Katrina." You need to find a better place to live! 
"This place is just beautiful... provided another hurricane doesn't come and throw pianos through the window from two states away."

And some of you figured it out. As we rode through Biloxi, vacant lots stood side by side, flat and covered with grass. Apparently people took their rebuilding money and found a calmer place. You can't blame the others for staying- I guess- because it is beautiful with white sand ( a hundred yards by twenty- six miles, imported), the ocean and mild weather. But, please. I say after two disaster reliefs, you're on your own. See if you stay then. 

Beauvoir is French for 'beautiful view' and Jefferson Davis lived there on a 51 acre estate overlooking the Gulf where he penned his memoirs in 1877. After his passing, the house was sold to the United Sons of Confederate Veterans, where old rebels and their wives, widows, servants and orphans could use the place. After the vets passed, it was made it into a museum. 

Her's an interesting tidbit: Jefferson Davis died a man without a country, the only Confederate not allowed to reinstate his citizenship. After the war he spent a few years in prison, and remarkably wasn't hanged for treason. As terrible as the war was, there was a lot of respect given.

The house featured some interesting tidbits too. The oak doors are actually cypress, and painted by professionals to look like wood. And there was no wallpaper; everything was painted with great detail to give it a three dimensional effect. 
Behind the house lies a Confederate Veteran's Cemetery and one tomb is the Tomb of The Unknown Confederate Soldier. Someone found him and studies estimated his age to have been fifteen years. 

We rode out in full sun, but not without a chill in the wind. Nevertheless, I believe we've turned the corner on winter. After a few hours of riding the chill crept in, but shortly before our arrival. Each day this week is supposed to inch up to warmer. 
And now, from the land of no hurricanes but a whirlwind herself, Quilter Girl!

Beauvoir was very different from other mansions we have seen as it only had one floor.  It had very high ceilings, much better in the heat.  There were two daybeds in one room that Mr. and Mrs. Davis would pull out to the covered porch and sleep on in hot summer.  nights Most of the furniture in this home was original, though a lot of it was damaged in Hurricane Katrina.  The guide told us that the storm surge was 24 feet and the house stood 23 feet above sea level.  

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have just finished building a huge building to house a gift shop, museum and library.  The museum is not open yet, but sounds like a great thing to see when opened later this year.  
We had a nice dinner at Chili's, which was within walking distance from the La Quiinta where we are staying and are now tucked in our room, nice and warm as the sun has gone down and it is cold out there.


And we have to find QG a quilt store. She's going through withdrawal. 
Tomorrow we visit the Capitol. See you there. 


Mel said...

In the photo of Jefferson Davis, what gesture is he trying to make with his hand? Just wondering...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Hmm. Are the rest of those fingers going up, down, or staying put? Why would he hold his hand that way, unless he was... gesturing... I'm trying to cut him some slack here.

Russ Milko said...

Great the Veterans of Civil War the history.

Russ Milko

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Great history in the East. Nevada's history doesn't get much attention before the Mob came to Vegas! Well of course, the Comstock Lode...