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50 States Weekly Wrap Up



ALL animals are protected on Key West. So the grandchildren of cockfighting chickens roam around loose. Ridiculous. 

Great marketing sign. 

Stay in your lane! Them's gators down there. 

All aboard the choo choo express.

Key West has all that wealth and they can't fix a couple flat tires.

Another biker gang.

One more church made into an art studio, sad. 

Most Florida City Streets have three names. Can't you see the firemen? "Go to 3rd S.W. You know, 332nd street. Orville Avenue. Oops, too late. Just come on back."

Gorgeous, tree shaded streets. Means more to a desert rat. 

Florida, land of nice cars and bikes. 


Want to live on Key West? Found a nice little Old Town place, 1,500 s.f., 900 s.f. guest quarters, $1,190,000.

Diesel pickups make a lot of noise. Fortunately, we have .0001" of nylon to keep out that  racket at night. Harleys too. And this campground is bike friendly. Suppose I better not fuss. 

I'm writing outside, a beautiful day, but unsafe. The tree I'm under drops huge nuts. Should one hit me on the head, I'm done. Or worse, if it hit the iPad screen.  One hit the table and I about jumped out of my skin. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed the Pine Island campground and the wonderful people, there, it was too geezy for me. Be a few years before my bicycle has a basket on it. 

We've made the turn. Been farthest South, now headed North then West. But still taking our time in Florida. Hard to beat this weather. Should have done 50 states in 50 months. But a month in Iowa? Please. 
I'm throwing Banana Harbor under the bus. They quoted $89 per night, 2 nights, $102 including tax. But when we checked out? $216. $7/day 'Resort Fee.' Scumbags. They do it to appear cheaper. 



16 Feet, elevation. Highest spot in Key West. 
3.75 Dollars a gallon, gas in Key West
38,404 Miles on Libby
31,873 Miles traveled so far
40 Weeks completed
38 States so far. We don't count Georgia. Yet. 
32,818.95 Dollars, spent so far. Excludes the cruise. 
119.34 Spent per day. Disney and the last service spooled it up. 
389.18 For a tire and oil change. Yeah, bikes are cheap to ride. Uh huh.


So you run up behind me until there's less than half a car length between us, then shoot over and cut off the guy in the inside lane, then pass me and sweep back in front of me. Just in time to stop at the red light. Congratulations, you just saved two or three seconds.  Was it worth it? Maybe to you, but not to us. You get the sash. And a slap.

That's it! See this week's Church Surch, previous. And this week we'll go North, but remain in FL. See you then!


Mel said...

Your spending is up to nearly $1.03per mile. You're gonna have to cut back somewhere... oil changes and tire replacements.... or theme parks? Hmmm... what's it gonna be?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The theme parks! I don't know how a young family with two or three kids does it. You can only sell so much blood.