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50 States Day 284

  Fort Pierce to Mims, 111 miles
"Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief, or ignorance."
~W. Clement Stone

"I'm going to wear my faded pants today," said Quilter Girl. They would go well with the gray sweatshirt that looks like chocolate melted on it. As opposed to my red one with the frayed cuffs. Whatever happened to hers, it wouldn't wash out. Living outside and jamming clothing into tight spaces makes for a hard life for clothes. Couple that with both of us caring even less about clothing than before travel and we can look rather shabby. But who cares? We keep affirming one another that it's time we shopped, yet it doesn't happen. She'll just have to wear the socks with holes in them a bit longer.
Today, 'ding ding!' bonus! We ran into Steve at the KOA. We met him at Yellowstone in May, around the lower falls of the Yellowstone River. He's traveling, 50 states in four years or so, hauling a toy hauler trailer with an 1100 and a kayak. He's visited twenty-two states-stays a month or two at each one, depending. Depending on what, we don't know. But what a bonus to see him again. You go, Steve!

We rode near the ocean today on A1A, a very nice ride with peek-a-boo ocean views, looming condos, and myriad houses, from 50s cabins to MacMansions.  Stopping at Cocoa Beach (remember 'I Dream of Jeannie'?) we walked to the beach and took in the sun, sand and water.  A kid with a boogie board tried repeatedly to catch a wave. Walkers, bicyclists and kites littered the sand. Lots of tourists mixing it up with the locals, easy to identify with their brown lizard skin. Too much of a good thing!

At the risk of sounding like a liar, we did not visit the Kennedy Space Center today as promised. After really communicating with Quilter Girl, we never were, but would ride to Mims, twenty minutes from, and I would go it alone tomorrow. She doesn't care about the Space Center, and would prefer to do more taxes. I'd love to help her with the taxes, but feel obligated to you to report on the KSC. Taking one for the team once again.
And now, after a delicious barbecue dinner, our own Quilter Girl!

We have struck gold with this campground.  Yes, there is highway noise but there are plenty of trees and grass and friendly people.  We also had a great bbq dinner at a local place we had passed on the way here.  McDonalds was the only other restaurant we saw and this beat it by a mile!  Great cole slaw, even though it was ground up cabbage, not shredded as we prefer, it was great.  I had chicken tenders in a golden bbq sauce that had mustard, very good with the tenders really crispy.  Kevin had ribs and chicken which he loved.  It doesn't look like much on the outside, but it sure was good.  Others must think so too as there was a steady stream of people, both for eat in and take out.  We will have to learn how to bbq well when we get home.
And I can't let today go by without a big kiss to my wife as we celebrate the 42nd anniversary of our first kiss. Yes, I remember. Incidentally, neither one of us remember meeting one another. Weird, huh?



Tim Rockstar said...

Wow. It sure looks nice there. I wouldn't be surprised if your blog turned into "37 states on our way to Florida."

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Right! Or '50 States in 50 Weeks Until We Bought a Place in Florida.' Or something like that.