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50 States, Day 279

  Marathon to Key West and back, 106 Miles

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood. Make big plans, aim high in hope and work."
~Daniel H. Burnham

Quilter Girl got to stay at the motel with a cold and do taxes while I had to return to Key West. It was the cross I had to bear. 

I took the tour, and we're both tour fans. The guide knows everything- at least about what he's supposed to- and is happy to let you know it. This tour featured a train looking rig that trundled about the city and included two stops, the little White House and Hemingway House. (H House is exclusively featured in the previous post.) 

More deep history, typical of the East, with homes and buildings dating back to the 1830s. And testaments to American ingenuity and tenacity, with the first connection to the mainland being a railroad at a cost of $50 million. But it changed the Keys for good. 

Plenty of Cuban influence here, as Cuba is closer than Miami, only ninety miles away. Buildings stand that previously processed tobacco and rolled Cuban cigars. Architecture reflected Cuban influence as well.  

The Little White House was originally a Naval Building that housed two bigwigs. However, it morphed into a vacation spot for presidents, as seven of them have visited it, Truman the record holder with eleven visits. Much of the tour became a Truman lovefest, and I'll be anxious to speak with my dad for his take on the man. Of interest was his firing of General MacArthur, a hugely famous war hero, but it sounded like Mac was off the reservation, even to the point of insubordinate. But it didn't set well with the masses. 

Others have visited the place too, and recently Chelsea Clinton and her husband spent a bit of time there. George W. has a standing invitation and would have come, but the A/C failed, so they put it off to the unknown future. 

Back on the bus (train?) and touring the city. The guide pointed out a two story building on a corner, holding three bars. Bottom floor, sports bar, second floor, piano bar, and rooftop, clothing optional bar. Hope they don't sell chili dogs with that hot cheese on them. I suppose napkins aren't optional? Bad visual, nonetheless. 

People scoot around on scooters (hence the word, 'scoot'), bicycles, electric carts, bikes and cars. Lots of people walking, too.

Pretty houses abound, and one house featured gingerbread that was... gingerbread men. Missed the shot, d'oh!  
If you're looking for a wonderful place to live or winter, Key West may be it. But you better get a night job delivering pizza. A lot of pizza. It's going to cost you. 

QG is taking the night off, as you don't want to read about taxes. Or colds. 

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