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The Week in Pictures, Week 38


That's a wild little scooter

'Art.' I call this, "Welder with Parkinson's." Really goes well with the columns. 

At least that's art I understand. I call it "Woof."

Great tribute to Lucy. Lucille Ball.

Wow, that puppie's old. Didn't smoke rattle or leak though. 

The only scary gator we've seen.

Has anyone, ever, paid full price for a mattress? 

We love these places! Great source for travelers.

I thought the golf ball went in the clown's mouth. 

A beautiful sunset keeps it in perspective. That and seeing the freezing weather all over the rest of the country!


Nothing like Florida to make you feel young. Lots of scooters (the wheelchair type) and canes. Nothing like Universal Studios to make you feel old. Kids riding coasters and eating crap. Weird to be doing theme parks without younguns. 

Business people, watch your overpromising! The candy company... big disappointment. Churches too. And your Facebook photos, come on people, that was twenty years ago. 

There's no pressure going into a church for the first time until communion. Then you're on alert, watching to make sure you don't mess up. Isn't that funny?

I'm no ornithologist, or even an orthodontist, but I heard a bird yesterday that sounded like a door on rusty hinges. And those Osprey nests are huge! They must make them out of lumber. 

Seen a lot of trikes and people who ride them. They are going to be big in the future as Baby Boomers age. This would be an opportunity for 'also ran' bike factories to leap into the lead.

 One goal for this trip was to get a better picture of what we'll do for the second half (or third, or quarter) of our life. Not any closer. 

Florida is crawling with slip and fall attorneys. Pathetic.  


205         Feet high, the Bok tower
5,500 Tons
3.8         Miles between two toll booths on FL 570. Ridiculous. 
111                                  Books Quilter Girl has read during the Adventure
30,782 Miles so far
115.29 Miles per day, average. Going down too, until Texas and CA
807         Miles per week
30,285 Dollars spent so far. Doesn't count the cruise.
116.48 Dollars per day


You're in the left turn lane and the light is green. I have a bad feeling waiting behind you because you're still behind the crosswalk. There's a break, a few hundred yards. Nope. How about that one? No? Oh, almost to the horizon, take a huge risk and go! Negative. Now that the light's turning yellow, you could move ou- too late, the light is red. You didn't go. We'll just wait for the next light.  You get the sash and tiara this week. 

Don't forget the 'Church Surch,' previous post. Stay tuned for Disney and other adventures this week.


Mel said...

At 115.29 miles/day and 116.48 dollars/day, you're spending about a buck a mile. I'm guessing a large portion of that goes for fabric for QG, Diet Pepsi for KP and mascara for Libby.

Mel said...

Or... perhaps those are the three items that are on a totally separate budget.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

No you are right, three for three!