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The Week in Pictures Week 36


When we pull into a rest area, sometimes we're a car and sometimes we're an RV. And sometimes we pretend to be a truck. 

There's a Mickey Mouse power line tower for you. Orlando.

The Airstream ranch. Copycats. That reminds me, we need to visit the Cadillac Ranch in Texas. 

Apparently these birds are resuming normal safe operation

I'm getting one of these. People will be more considerate passers, I guarantee it. 

If the tag didn't say 'teapot,' I wouldn't have known. Pottery. Pretty cool, but impractical.

That's just great. I find the fountain of youth and it's capped off.

Matthew 7:24-25. Yeah, but they faked it. 

A delicious meringue... fruit... creme... thingy. With excellent presentation.

All gussied up in our $20 outfits, oh yeah, Goodwill. Next week they go back. Weird.

Wow, warm weather brings out the bikes. Where were you people in Virginia? Cowards!

Lots of opportunities to buy boiled peanuts. I tried them once before. It's an acquired taste. Not going to acquire it. 

I'm not saying there are too many bowl games, but I was invited to play in the Cardboard Bowl, sponsored by Rick and Phil's Box Company. 

Thank God for the Fiscal Cliff! About time. The Y2k was a fizzle, the Mayan calendar a no show, but the US government delivered. Great job!

 Bikers in Florida don't wave to one another. No idea why. Too cool I guess. 


30,000 Miles. Yep we passed it.
2,000 Passengers on the Princess Caribbean
2 Passengers form Ghana
6 Million dollars a week this ship generates. My guess.
54 MPH average from Treasure Island to Ft. Lauderdale, a record
69                            Dollars for an hour of Wifi on the ship. Ripoffs. 
199                          Dollars for unlimited for a week. I've paid less for bikes. 

Three lanes on the freeway and you sweep from the fast lane clear over to the slow lane, pass a car in each lane, then shoot back over to the fast lane, right in front of a car. I know what you're doing. You're telling the guy in the fast lane he's naughty by driving too slow. But you're driving like an idiot, bud. And I bet a nickel he didn't understand it either.


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