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50 States Week 39 Wrap Up


Sad really how many people at The Magic Kingdom are walking around heads down, texting, gaming or on the phone. Live in the moment! However, kids playing games while in line seems a great way to ease the pain of waiting. 
I've never seen anything break down in Disney. Twice in one day, the Epcot Monorail. Cost us a $30 shuttle ride home as we missed it. Shame.

You would think that after forgetting to bring your towel to the shower in the campground restroom and putting your clothes back on while still soaked, you would remember it the very next time. Yes, you would think. 

Another Disney marvelousness; the landscaping and grounds. Magnificent. They have places that are beautiful, serene and rather quiet. 

You would think after forgetting the camera one day, on the next day you wouldn't remember you missed it at the exact same spot. Yes, you would think.


2,700 Dollars, the price Thomas Edison paid for his house and 13 acres around the turn of the century (the other       one, 1900);  people considered it excessive.
1.5 Million dollars the city of Ft. Meyers paid for the Edison place.
5 Attempts to ride the monorail in Disneyworld.
2 Successful monorail rides.
65 Years in a row Edison got American patents. 
1,000 Plus, patents courtesy of Thomas Edison.


Not just the driver, not just of the week, but so stupid as to make her own award. First let's set the table:
We're sitting in the Disney Hall of Presidents and it's about halfway finished. Now Abraham Lincoln is delivering the Gettysburg Address. Awesome. And you, the lady in front of me, answer your cell phone. Unbelievable. You are a rude, inconsiderate idiot. You flip it shut. It rings again and you answer it again! No anomaly here, now you're a confirmed selfish idiot. 
Yes ma'am, you are the Stupidest Idiot of the Entire Trip. You get no sash, no tiara.  

Don't forget the Church Surch, previous blog. 
Sorry no pictures... Death to the iPad!


Mel said...

When you were at the theme park remembering that you'd forgotten your camera again, I hope you weren't wearing a towel while remembering that you'd left your camera in the shower.


................................ Kevin Parsons said...

"Honey, I'm really happy you rmemebered your towel. But we're at The Magic Kingdom and need the camera."