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50 States, Week 37


Look closely, it's a billboard for the jewelry shop.

Blue brick roads. Not deep blue, but blue nonetheless. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Voted 'Best Cruise Ship Graphics' by QG and me.

Great way to reserve a motorcycle spot. Stick two huge flower pots in the parking place.

Handicapped ramp. See the 8" ledge you have to wheelie over at the doorway? That's if you don't fall off the side first. 

Frogmobile. Another clever marketing medium. Suppose the horn goes 'ribet'?

Jimmy sang for us at the conclusion of snorkeling, thanking God for the beauty.

Snorkeler underwater self photograph.  

Air boats, as common as... as... Gator Nuggets. Great swamp traveler.

Orange harvester/ hauler truck. They haul them inside this and then we eat them. Thank God we peel them. I'm just sayin.'

Many European men wear Speedos. New rule: Over 28, no Speedo. Card them. Perhaps a weight limit too. 

I think Princess is a great value for the money. I like the all (or mostly anyway) inclusive packaging. Leave your cell phone and wallet behind and take your Princess card along. Eat what you will, and enjoy the myriad entertainment venues. 

Speaking of cell phones, you have to relearn how to operate without one. Set up a rally point and time. It's good not to be chained to one for a change, but they sure are handy.

Some of the blog suffered because of the pathetic Wifi on the ship (black photos, no responses to comments). Using crappy satellite Wifi was a most frustrating experience on a trip designed not to be frustrating. I think they should have run a hard line. Just keep a guy in the back with a huge phone cord. Roll it out on the way down, roll it up on the way back. 

It just doesn't feel right. What do old people struggle with quite a bit? Balance. Then they stick thousands of them on cruise ships. 


105,517 Gross registered tonnage, the Grand Princess.
950 Feet long
118 Feet wide
20 Knot speed
3,100 Maximum passengers
1,060 Crew
18 Rooms each steward/stewardess maintains. Wow. And ours knew our name. Did he know everyone's?                
                                His was Onie. 
199 Dollars for unlimited Wifi for a week, 'courtesy' of Princess.
10,348 Extrapolated Wifi charge for a year. Seems high. D'ya think?

THE STUPID WALKER OF THE WEEK (Well, there weren't any drivers!)

I'm walking along the hallway at my usual pace (think 'no beach') and you and your wife merge in front of me, doing the Cruise Walk. Then you stop to check out something bright. Move over! 

Thanks for following and we are happy to be back on the ground, biking around America. 



Mel said...

Bon End-o-voyage! Welcome back to the mainland, mateys!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

That reminds me... I have to stop saying arrr! and matey, hoist the mainsail, things like that.