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50 States, Day 276

  Day 276, Sun Sports Cycle  58 Miles and 9 months completed.

Libby got a bath yesterday, an oil change and rear tire today. She is feelin' the love and looking good. 
Sun Sports Cycle was the biggest dealer so far for a number of reasons: They sell myriad brands of bikes. They sell Can Am trikes. They sell quads, UTVs, boats, Jet Skis, gear, apparel, and wedding dresses. Okay, maybe not, but everything else. And the riding/boating season lasts year round. 

The trouble with big shops is they are big. In the time it would have taken to get my oil changed in my truck, they have almost finished the paperwork. Why can't it be like this? Walk into the store, hand them your key, they scan it and voila! The VIN number, the owner's information and entire service history is at their fingertips. Check 'oil change,' and 'rear tire,' the computer checks to make sure they have all the parts they need, and you're done. There could even be notes from previous experiences if the customer is a jerk or not. Okay, maybe not. 
Next, we did the inspection for scratches, and this took awhile. "There's one here, from the idiot tow truck guy. Broke my fork cover. See the duct tape on the rear fender? That's where the trailer hitch exploded. Over here are gouges from the Denver crash in the snow..." At least the bike tells a story! 
Being a traveler, there's nothing to do but wait for the bike, so I walked to Mickey D's for breakfast, then gawked at the myriad modes of transportation and noticed the following:
The Geezer Effect.
Yep, the bike shop reflects the GE. First, there are trikes; Gold Wings, Can Ams, and a cute little scooter trike. Next there are huge off road busses that people ride in and think they are off roading. Come on people! Get out on a motorcycle! 

Another Geezer Effect was the Polaris Electric Bicycle. Pretty cool, really. Actually, two geezers were trying it in the parking lot. It features three modes; first, all pedal, second, half motor help and third, all motor. And the thing recharges on downhills, which you'd have to ride it to Georgia to find a hill. But it made me think of the future of geezing and products for them.
Rather than ride off road, just get an off road bike simulator that shakes a bit and throws dust in your face for the equivalent time of a desert race, say thirty seconds. Then hit the massage button. 
An electric bike that rides itself. Just turn it on, off it goes, and cameras would send video of your trip while you sit in the RV.  
We already have an electric toothbrush, but we must hold it. So make one that clamps to your head and holds it for you.
A mechanical dog that walks itself and poops and pees, but it's biodegradable and evaporates. It has the same camera as the bike. Just watch the show of the dog walking. 
Quilter Girl is feeling punky (some cold bug- please dear God not the flu!) so I gave her the night off. 
Tomorrow, we hit Highway 41 through the Everglades as we head South. See you there!

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