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50 States, Day 266

  Mulberry to Davenport, 61 Miles

"We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation."
~Jim Rohn

After eighteen days of condos and cruise ships, we loaded up and took off, back in the saddle. And I just knew it. Because we've had all this room for over two weeks, our belongings have multiplied. Or the trailer shrunk. Even after sending stuff home and throwing some away, we jammed, poked and packed everything into its respective spots. Yes, we're going to have to put our belongings on a diet once again. 

And let's be honest here; we were both down about the trip today. Difficult to walk away from a condo with a master bath, kitchen, laundry, flat screen tvs, and a big comfy bed. On top of that, we decided to camp, using the tent for the first time since Maine.   

When we last used the trailer, we broke it down in a downpour, so a couple of things were at work here. First, it wasn't exactly a good experience . So, like Pavlov's dog, our little sub-conscience says, 'You really don't want to do this.' Add to that the specter of a serious downsizing, and we just weren't excited about today.  However, off we went to the KOA. 

Arriving and setting up (a bit of relearning here), we found the tent to be smelling like a wet tent that got put away three months ago. However, with the warm weather and breezes, the smell dissipated. And our attitudes got better too. Sometimes thinking about things is much worse than doing the things. 

And as we sat in the folding chairs and read, another biker couple, Lou and Barb, stopped by for a chat which turned into a one hour pleasant marathon of enjoying one another's company. You don't get that in condos. 

So it's good. We're inside the tent with cool breezes blowing and traffic in the distance (always traffic noise with KOAs). And what do you know? The best wifi in weeks.

And now, the camper girl, Quilter Girl!

There is no sympathy for people who get to take a year off, but leaving the condo today was hard.  Our life is so unsettled that change is normal for us.  We are no closer to knowing what we want in the future than when we left.  However, sitting here in the tent with the freeway in the background feels good.  

Yesterday we took a special trip to JoAnn Fabrics so I could find fabric for the next quilt.  While my intent was to make a planned 3 or 4 fabric quilt, I couldn't do it.  I found a Texas Braid quilt pattern in Bonnie Hunter's book that I have with me and that got the nod.  I got quarter yards of lots of different fabrics, lights and darks, along with a nice red for the one constant fabric.  I had a great time.  It was more fun than just buying a few fabrics.  Now to start cutting!  This is the best part of a quilt project, the start when it is still fun.

I did see a quilt store today in Winter Haven when we drove through.  Even though I had my  "fix" yesterday I was ready to go again.  It was a small shop with lots of very nice people in it.  I found a great Florida fabric,  one for South Carolina and a jelly roll for the new quilt.  It was a great store with great fabric choices.  Someone has good taste.  I will be cutting tomorrow!


What we're 'suffering' through is what most people do after a fun time: back to the old grind. Yet, our old grind is really awesome, so we're going to appreciate the Adventure!

P.S.: Got caught in the preface to a MLK day parade. Thought of what happened to Captain America and Billy when they rode their bikes in a parade. And, we felt pretty white!

Church Surch tomorrow and Week in Pictures. See you then.


Mel said...

That Florida butterfly you photographed is huge. You're lucky it didn't fly away with your trailer, although Libby probably would have loved for that to happen! I hope one doesn't fly into your windshield.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The butterfly was size appropriate. The mosquitoes have FAA numbers on their tails.