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50 States, Day 233

  Robbinsville to Asheville, 101 miles
"What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other."
~Mary Ann Evans

Before embarking on our journey today, we stopped at the Ingles, the local grocery store that held their annual Christmas Tree Competition. Almost a dozen trees competed, shining and beautiful. For this couple from Las Vegas, truly a spectacle. Watch out, Bellagio Conservatory!
Off we went, second guessing ourselves as it rained pretty steadily. Should we have stood down for a day? Nah, that's what God made rain gear for. And the weather report called for clearing in the afternoon.

Traffic felt light and hardly a big rig to be found. And a record setting day, we saw no motorcycles today. I wonder why?
The clouds hung low and the road climbed and soon we waded through a heavy fog. Fortunately traffic stayed quite light and soon the road descended out of the clouds again. Another reason why they are called the Great Smokey Mountains. And what brilliant marketing is that? Call the mountains 'great' in their name. I'm going to run that by Quilter Girl; call me Great Kevin Parsons. Okay, maybe not.

The weather did shape up as the day progressed, but clammy, damp and cold nonetheless. We stopped at the Quality Inn, as they had continental breakfast, micro and fridge, and a laundry-everything a happy couple could possibly need.  
Today's ride, as we planned, was pretty short; start late at the end of the rain and get to Asheville early. Then we considered three options; visit the Biltmore Mansion, do some Christmas shopping, or wash a few loads of clothes. QG voted to wash the clothes, so I scraped the maggots off mine and she headed out to wash while I wrote on the 50 States Short Stories.

We finished off the fun with a tasty dinner at Waffle House. I elected to eat breakfast (omelet) while QG chose lunch (grilled ham 'n cheese sandwich) and we enjoyed good fellowship with the staff. For some unknown reason I like Waffle houses. Must be a hankering for grease.
And now...wearing clean and fresh smelling clothes, Quilter Girl!
I was very undecided about whether to stay or go this morning.  It looked pretty awful, but was supposed to stop raining at noon so I said go.  I had trouble leaving the cute little room with the window seat.  It is amazing how simple things can be such a blessing!  It turned out to be a good decision, not too far to go with the weather getting better all the time.  
The day off was good for me, I set up the machine on an end table and sewed up 8 '50 States' quilt blocks and a dozen Irish Chain blocks.  I added the Irish Chain blocks to the others as I am putting the quilt top together as I go.  It is 6 rows by 7 rows now.  My baby blanket is also coming along quite nicely, even though I think it should be finished by now.  I have only been working on it a week or two.  Where is that magic fairy when I want her?
Stay tuned tomorrow for the Biltmore Mansion, and bonus, decorated for Christmas!

P.S: I removed the Captcha from the comments, making it easier to post your input. However, if you're pitching your website and I don't know you, I will remove it! I've removed more than six already and if it keeps up I may be forced to return the Captcha, much to my disgust. 


Mel said...

Every time I drive past a laundromat lately, I find myself thinking of the Great Kevin Parsons and his Great Quilter Girl. I never related laundry to maggots before your recent post, however. Maybe you should visit these places a little more often. Just sayin'.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I suppose they weren't maggots... That would be in another couple of weeks! Wonderful to think Laundromats bring me to mind. Wow.

Tim Rockstar said...
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Anonymous said...
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