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50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 33


You can't trust the government. This is a replica of the ​Cabinet Room in the Clinton Library. And not a single cabinet.

​That's the trouble with modern art. Is it modern art, or an ​abandoned sewer fitting?

Another replica of the Liberty Bell. After this trip, we're ​getting one.

Good job, Dave Ramsey.

Even better

​Woo hoo! Dave Ramsey's Hall of Fame. Debt free.

A '29 Model A Ford changed to a tractor. Imagine this scene: ​"Honey, we're not driving to church anymore. I converted the ​car to a tractor."

​All our junk from the weekend on the cart.  

​"Cletus, park those trucks over there. We'll pick 'em up
​tomorrow. Maybe the day after."

Slide your card, pick up the bike and return it to a rack
​anywhere and slide the card. Pretty cool, Nashville!
The Microtel in Robbinsville is Biker Friendly. That means towels to wipe off the bike, motorcycle parking, and a place in the back to wash the bike. And somehow they pipe enough guilt into the air for me to wash it.
Grace Fellowship Baptist Church had the Friendliest Wal-Mart Greeter. Most just say hi and hand you a bulletin. Theirs was genuinely friendly.
Call me a racist, but I call me a stereotyper. Many motel managers are Indian (the magic carpet type, not the teepee type) and aren't rude, but aren't really nice either. Okay, Haril at the Super 8 in Nashville was super nice. Forget it.
After fifty-nine years, I finally know why we stick Christmas trees in the house and decorate them. Amazing. And a tip of the face shield to Pastor David of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church for the enlightenment.
300,000    Almost. Dave Ramsey's followers on Twitter. Dave's a real ​twit.  Er, tweeter.
8​    Baptist churches in a 40 miles stretch
3​    Others
119.96    ​Dollars spent per day, average. Excludes buying the ​bike, trailer, gifts...
232​    Days, so you can do the math on what we've spent.
1950    Ford coupe. Met a guy driving one.
100,000 ​   Miles he's put on it since fixing it up, 1991
63 ​   States we've entered and exited, due to multiple visits.
Runner Up: Tailgating, less than a car length. And you're an eighteen wheeler. You should know better.

This week's winner: Mr. Flying Mattress, tie your load down! For crying out loud we don't need to dodge flying furniture.
See you next week, as we tour the Biltmore Mansion (all decorated for Christmas) and tour NC. We may get to SC by Saturday too. See you then!


Mel said...

1. I once owned a Ford Model A, but never thought of converting it into a tractor.
2. How do you manage to haul that pile of junk, um... stuff, all around the country?
3. Cletus needs to either: A)Buy a watch, or B)Learn to read the one he's got!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

1.) It's never too late. Take the family car and give it a shot
2.) We travel pretty light, but then again, haul around a lot of crap!