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50 States The Week in Pictures, Week 31

  50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 31

Kentucky = whiskey= Kentucky

I didn't look to see if they have whiskey baby formula

Look closely. "Dad gum trailer hitch bolts sheared plumb off." That's spoken in Kentuckyiese.

Corvette Museum gift shop. But did they give away Corvette samples? Nooo.

Shaker furniture. Simple but high quality.

This is a Shaker wheel, but no one knows what it was built to do.

Corvette Museum. Recognize this? Remind you of a Corvette anything? No? It isn't a Corvette anything, just made to attract people. Fortunately the architect didn't work for the Corvette design team.

Why are the barns in KY black? QG and I speculate it's the wood.

This Corvette picture is made up of thousands of Corvette pictures. Cool.

All American! Reminds me of a bike...
I love Kentucky accents. They sound smooth, like bourbon and milk chocolate. Hmm, what made me think of that? Funny, but some sound really nice, others sound...unrefined and base.

This weather...dry and twenty degrees above normal. We'll take it!

I feel sorry for QG. When we ride over a bridge, she gets really nervous. I'd be nervous if I had to ride behind me...anywhere.

We've Skyped the kids a couple times...really cool. Makes me almost forgive the iPad. Nah. In fact, because the stupid iPad has One More Step to post blogs, and I've struggled with it, and with wifi challenges, that step has cost me over eighty hours. Irritating.
31​ ​​States
3.17​ ​​Price, regular gas in Ky
3.59​​​ Price, regular gas in KY too. I don't get it.
92​​​ Bucks for trailer tires, mounted
14,000​​​ Miles the trailer tires lasted
32,510​​​ Miles on the Gold Wing
25,979​​​ Miles on the Adventure, including Alaska
119.17​​​ Miles per day, average
Towing the trailer with the Honda, I usually ride below the speed limit, both for safety and to enjoy the scenery and slow down a bit. But along the construction route, I'm going the speed limit, 55. The left lane is coned off with those vertical plastic posts. But you cannot wait, so you cross over into the off limits construction lane, in your SUV and pass me, running up to 65 or so. Then to swing back into the lane, you must jack the wheel pretty good to avoid the pylon. That's a good way to roll an SUV on flat ground. But somehow you made it and I say thank God, because I wouldn't want to ride through flying glass and plastic from your idiotic maneuver.
You truly are an idiot. And a half mile later, the paving crew took up that lane. So I guess you're a lucky idiot.
That's all folks! See you next week in Missouri, after the National Quilt Museum.


Mel Nason said...

Stars and stripes wrap for a vehicle? What a clever idea! It looks ALMOST (but not quite) as good as your bike!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I still call them copycats.