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50 States, Week 34


Woo hoo! Baby boomers celebrate readable screens. Large HD gas pump readers.

NC Republican Governor William Holden, impeached, convicted and terminated for opposing the Ku Klux Klan. Crazy.

This, believe it or not, is George Washington. He looks like a Roman god, carving the Ten Commandments. Talk about artistic license.

I seriously don't get this. What's the deal with bikes? Charlotte parking lot.

You can tell a good barbecue restaurant by its wood pile.

Remember the Hudson from the animated movie Cars? This was the inspiration.

This is cool. A cop car you can put in a holster.

First palm tree, South Carolina. Looks like we dodged the autumn bullet.

Ouch. Word is Sherman really burned up South Carolina. Few historic buildings

They packed wood up the stairs in this to heat the State House. How much? See Numbers.
Isn't regional food funny? Why don't they serve hush puppies in the West? Sort of a deep fried cornbread. Yum! They deep fry everything here. Deep fried trout? Pity. Grill it!
And okra. Deep fried, but tasty.
People in the South use time. "Turn right at the light and go five minutes." What if traffic is heavy? Or I speed? Should I check my watch? Is it between four and a half and five and a half?
More people say "Merry Christmas' in the south, and I say God bless them! Hopefully we'll get over all this ridiculous PC crap. Oh, did I offend someone?
Are we seriously so starved for stimulus that when we fire up the gas pump, we have to have television keeping us updated? Perhaps it's time for ignorant people to rise up! Up...against what?  
It's getting worse. The last motel bore a sign that read, "Save the earth with a towel." Oh, please. Use the water, treat the water, give it back. Hold on while I throw a clean towel on the floor....there. I feel better.

South Carolina featured more revolutionary battles than any other colony, and if they hadn't pummeled the Brits first, we may not have defeated them in Yorktown. I didn't either.
2.8​ Million plants and trees installed on the Biltmore Estate
42​ Bathrooms
300​ Cords of wood burned one season in the State House, NC 1800s
29,000 Miles traveled so far
8​ South Carolina's entry as a colony
61​ Degrees, high temp this week
27​ Degrees, low temp. Same day
150,000​​ S.F., the NASCAR Hall of Fame
37​ States visited so far
Dyslexia. Change lanes, signal and then look. Pretty diputs if you ask me.
That's a wrap! Thanks for following and we'll see you tomorrow with the
Christmas Eve Church Surch.


Mel said...

So, the Biltmore Estate has 2.8million plants and trees, and 42 bathrooms? Given those numbers, half the bathrooms must be for the gardening staff alone!

Gotta mow, uh... go!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The staff got chamber pots!

Mel said...

THAT stinks!