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50 States, Day 217

Day 217 Bowling Green to Paducah, 221 miles

"People usually fail when they are on the verge of success.  So give as much care to the end as to the beginning: Then there will be no failure."
~Lao Tzu

 Today proved to be a riding day. More than we anticipated, as we spent fifty miles being lost-not lost, really, just enjoying more countryside than expected. We believed we headed West on 24, but actually rode South on 45. I'd explain it but hate to waste valuable space showing in clear methods, how ANYONE would have done the same thing. In fact, others could possibly have ended up in Louisiana, should they have attempted our route. But since the joy is in the journey, we had an inordinate amount of joy, disguised as frustration and grumbling.

But what a day to ride! No (PP!) Gerbing gear, light gloves, 70 degrees, mostly sunny with occasional winds, light traffic, and the road less traveled. Kentucky is beautiful, in spite of winter trees and brown grass. This is a state we'd love to revisit, spring or summer. The roads were fifth gear affairs, winding but gentle sweeper turns, horse pastures, farms and houses on either side. And the trailer followed behind obediently. Seems to have taken on more importance lately.

How about some weird trivia? I realized today that we wore our rain gear less in November than any other month this trip.

Tonight we didn't find a motel with laundry so I rode to the laundromat and ran the bunch. And no one in the laundromat, apparently they have better things to do on Saturday night. Can't imagine what. QG had taken a huge risk, allowing me to do the laundry, and has accused me of losing socks. But tonight, I returned with an extra pair of boxers and a t-shirt. I don't know either. Just really happy it wasn't a thong and lace bra.

And now, not lost at all, Quilter Girl!

It is hard to believe that two of us could manage to get on the wrong freeway.  If we had stayed on 68, it would have taken us straight to Paducah.  All the motels were off I24 so we thought we would get on there to make it easier to find a place to stay.  It is always an adventure! 

 I do have a favor to ask of anyone in Missouri.  Could you please email us with ideas of what we should see and do there?  We know that we will stop in Jefferson City to see the capitol and we have already been to Kansas City and to St. Louis, so won't go there.  Tennessee will be the next state after Missouri. will reach us.  Thanks for your help.
Tomorrow it's the Heartland Worship Center and we may do the National Quilt Museum too. Thanks for following!



Mel Nason said...

I'm sure the boxers and t-shirt (if they were to fit) would look much better on you than those, um... unmentionables you mentioned!

David Ruggieri said...

Speaking of riding in Tennessee... Are you planning on riding the Dragon? The Cherahula (I think I spelled that right)Skyway is a nice ride.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes! The Tail of The Dragon! Can hardly wait. Skyway too hopefully.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

And QG and I are in a running argument about who has to wear the boxers. I vote her.