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50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 35


Modern suspension bridges have cables encased in tubes filled with nitrogen to preserve them. Sounds like a maintenance headache. Sure looks cool.

The white plastic chair salesman must have gotten a great commission. Not just one building either...

Charleston motocross course. Those cobbles are rough!

The Charleston Hibernian Society meets here, since 1841. Irish. Presidents are Catholic and Protestant, every other term. Try that in Belfast.

Elms in Charleston. Hurricane resistant, old and beautiful.

In this church (Methodist), you bought your pew and the closer to the Governor (who sat right adjacent to the pulpit) the more it cost. In the Baptist church, the closer to the exit, the more it cost. Supply and demand. Different demands!

We used to have Slave Mart, now we have Wal Mart. And people complain about Wally's World.

An insurance disaster, as they exclude wars and earthquakes. This house got the double whammy.

Si! We sell el cheapo gas with a double donkey kick to high prices, senor!

I don't know. It seemed a bit harsh. Didn't visit this church. But I didn't tell any hell jokes either.
Something about the ocean. We sat still for four days, and could have stayed a lot more.
No matter how many times you try your plastic credit card key in the wrong motel room, it ain't gonna open the door. Theoretically, of course.
Can you imagine taking a trip to Charleston to go to an auction yard and pick up a slave?
I just love Spanish moss. It looks so cool. Of course it's a parasite, and we saw it kill a tree or two. There's an analogy there, I'm pretty sure.

1​ South Carolina, first to vote to secede from the Union
8​ South Carolina,  8th colony
9​ Million dollars for a nice house on the Battery, Charleston, SC
40​ Percent of slaves that came through South Carolina
36​ Years-so far-of the office of the current mayor of Charleston
2.0​ Seconds, 0-100 mph for Dennis 'The Flying Fuzz' on his ​motorcycle. Met him and his wife this week
29,445​​ Miles so far
35,976 ​​​Miles on the bike
37​ States completed
8​ Months completed, 2/3

Vomit green Ford Focus, just sweep into our lane as you pass us. Sure, it's just a motorcycle and they can move over half a lane and even if they hit you, you wouldn't hardly notice, would you? Would you? Perhaps you're a frustrated, angry vomit green Ford Focus driver.

Or the motorcycle, passing the scooter that was going 25 up a hill on the highway. Passing on the double yellow line, shame on you! Er, that would be me. QG says yes, I get the Stupid Driver of the Week. Look for me with the satin sash this week. But I'm not wearing the tiara. It wasn't that bad.
Then returning from church without QG, I turned up an off ramp. Oops. Fine, give me the tiara. Stupid award, who thought of this?
That wraps up week 35! We'll see you next week as we zip through Georgia and get to Florida. We'll tour Georgia after Florida. Thanks for following; we hope you're enjoying it.

Don't forget the Church Surch, previous post. 


Mel said...

Congratulations on completing 2/3 of your tour, and Happy New Year to all four of you... KP, QG, GW and... sorry, I can't remember the sewing machine's name...
Considering you rode 18,967 miles the first four months and 10,478 miles the past four months, I am ready to commit to a guess on your Total Miles Ridden Contest. After a series of very scientific calculations, my official guess is... 44,610 miles.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Thanks for the kind words, (although Ethyl the sewing machine is NOT happy!) and happy New Year to you and yours. And while I admire your scientific calculations, perhaps you should have waited longer to make your estimate... say, the day before we finsihed!

Mel said...

My apologies to Ethyl. I hope she doesn't get her sewing head all bent out of shape and give me the arm shaft or try to put her presser foot in my mouth or something...
BTW, should I decide to change my estimate, I'll let you know... say, the day before you finish.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

You know what they say..."If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Well, change 'Mama' to 'Ethyl.'