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50 States Day 188

  50 States Day 188, San Diego to Newark.


"It is not ignorance but knowledge which is the mother of wonder."

~Joseph Wood Krutch

 Because we're flying today, which is slightly more boring than watching paint dry, and since we're right at halfway through the Adventure, I figured today would be a good time to review goals, rules, some common misconceptions,

questions and projections for our '50 States in 50 Weeks' adventure.


The obvious and overriding goal is to travel 50 States in 50 Weeks across America on a motorcycle with a pop top tent trailer. Secondary goals: Keeping the bike upright. Well, the snowstorm in Denver threw that one for a loop (or a slide), but to finish the trip unscathed and in one piece.

Visit every Capitol. We've missed four for differing reasons.

Attend a church every Sunday (well some day, once a week, anyway) and blog on it. 27 weeks, 26 churches so far.

Clarifications: I went to Alaska alone, leaving QG (Quilter Girl) in Seattle with her folks, and rented a motorcycle for that state. Originally we intended to ride the Honda there, but it would have taken two weeks and a ferry trip to get there and back. The flight/rental option worked out well. Hawaii will be the same, we'll fly there and rent a bike. Everything else, Gold Wing.

Also, while we tow the tent trailer and use it, when the weather is nasty (cold, rain, wind...) we head to a motel. Seeing more motels this time of year.

50 weeks may be a misnomer. We're strongly considering wintering over inFlorida for a few weeks, so as to avoid ice storms and other maladies due to winter's possible assaults.

And lastly, have a good time. We've done well at that, for the most part. Some days can be challenging; heat in Pierre, South Dakota, the Four Storm Night in Nebraska, rain deluges and once again, the Colorado Snowstorm. Occasionally we get on one another's nerves, but no permanent scars, yet.


'Blogging Every Day.' It's in print. I didn't think it would be such a

commitment. When the tool of Satan, the iPad acts up, Wifi becomes impossible, or it's ten at night and a word hasn't been written yet, it becomes a chore. When the photos show up black on the site, ooohhh. But it's like exercise. It's good for me. Hopefully it's good for you. It has morphed a little bit. QG throws in her two cents' worth now, and The Week in Photos appeared out of inspiration. Feel free to provide any input into the comments if you'd like to see something or have questions.  

A Blog Goal is 100,000 hits. So far we're at 36,000 (thank you all!) and it should build as the trip progresses. I'd like to see daily hits of 500, and we're usually around 150, but it has dropped with this trip to just above a




'50 States in 50 Weeks,' a nonfiction tome of our trip from the first glimmers of vision in 1969 to the fruition of a trip well done. My agent, Terry Burns with Hartline Literary indicated, at the start, publishers wouldn't consider even a proposal until most of the trip was under our belts. We'll visit him at his place in Texas and formulate a plan. This could be something like, 'How to Plan and Successfully Complete an Uber Goal.' We'll see. Sounds like the 50 States are where the publishers will lean.


'Church Surch.' I just planned on visiting a church once a week and reportingbut I believe a book may be in order. After seeing what's going on-and what isn't-in American churches these days, and with my background of forty plus years in the church, it could be a great book. We'll see.

'50 Stories in 50 States.' These things just started from nothing, riding in Wyoming. QG and I started talking about a story, and the thing just took off. I think I'll make this an e-book and either make it super affordable or free.

And a Musing: This trip has sparked the most creative period in my life. I've never written so much, and the inspiration just keeps coming. QG and I are becoming a team on these endeavors too, as I am the writer and she provides a

ton of inspiration.


And now, the Queen of Inspiration, Quilter Girl!


Waiting at the airport for a flight that has been delayed due to limited planes into Newark is not the most fun part of our trip.  Delays get to me.  I should be able to enjoy unlimited time to read or do puzzles, but it feels like such a waste.  Right now, I just want to be getting on with the trip.  The next part of the trip is looking a little scary because of the weather.  Neither one of us anticipated a super storm or the cold snap that seems to be going on in the east right now.  Our intentions are to do the best we can at seeing each state, but if it is too cold or snowy, we are heading south!  I appreciate all of you who are following our adventures.  It is so much fun to read all your comments.  

Mel, you keep us laughing!  Kent, thanks for letting me bother you and for all your help.


 Once again, we thank you all for following.

Now stuck at Newark Airport, no phones and the hotel is supposed to send a van every hour to save gas.






Anonymous said...

Holding my breath that your bike is in one piece. Start her up and head south!!!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The bike and trailer are fine, an answer to prayer. Seeing the carnage around it, it does seem like God watched out for us and the bike on this deal.

Mel Nason said...

Your balance of the Daily Blog, The Week in Pictures, 50 Stories, Weekly Church Surch and Rants & Raves has been great, but adding QG's Comments regularly has been a definite plus. You two are truly an inspiration; still married, still traveling, still talking, still working together on the blogs and stories... what a team!
I'm thinking someone should write a story about you two someday! Just a thought...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Still married, still traveling, still talking. Now we just have to resume talking to each other.
Thanks for the good words.