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50 States Day 203

50 States, Day 203 Williamsburg to Yorktown, 50 miles


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

~Helen Keller

 Today's ride took us to Yorktown the back way, along a two lane no shoulder road, with nutmeg colored woods along both sides. Occasionally an arched bridge appeared and we zipped under it, the sunlight a patchwork on the pavement. A dozen miles of joys and we were in Yorktown.

I'm getting to be a tour guide junkie. If we went to Washington's Outhouse National Historic Site, I'd be looking around for someone to give it life. Okay, maybe not the outhouse, but the barn. We toured Yorktown ourselves, both on foot and scooter. Then at 2:15 a ranger took us on a one hour tour of...nothing much, really. Grass, a hill, more grass and some cannons. Yet she painted a word picture of the Battle of Yorktown so vividly that QG and I both pretty much understood what happened. More importantly, why. How Washington's troops beat the Cornwallis gang with better guns, even though they were outgunned.

And thank God for the French, who sent ships from the West Indies and other parts to lend a hand. The British, known for their military superiority, only eclipsed by their naval superiority, were beaten down by the Allies and finally 7,500 troops surrendered. This battle is hailed as the skirmish that ended the Revolutionary War, yet peace with Britain wasn't hammered out until 2 years later in Paris. But Robbie the tour guide explained it in great detail and showed how it made sense. Washington's men dug fortifications all night, ushering in the first Overtime in history. Okay, maybe not, but they sure surprised those Redcoats when they woke to troops in trenches four hundred yards closer than when theywent night night.


We left feeling pretty war wise and walked to the Memorial, an eighty-four foot tower with a fourteen foot Statue of Liberty on top. She got zapped by lightning and had to be replaced in the fifties. And it honored the fallen from that war, both American and French.

Here's a twist: the British offered blacks their freedom if they would fight against the Americans, and many signed up to earn their freedom. So when the British lost, the blacks were once again enslaved by the nation that gained its freedom from the Brits.

Back on the scoot and through the woods once again, getting back before dark, but stopping for dinner at nightfall.

And tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, Quilter Girl!

We wandered all over the market at Colonial Williamsburg looking for a restaurant.  There are plenty of fancy, spendy eateries, but not much in the way of simple restaurants.  We ate at the Dog Tavern, finally.  We had to wait for a table, though it was early, food was okay.  Kevin had pork in broth with noodles and a poached egg.  Mine was a brat burger, which was just a sausage burger.  Unusual food, maybe even creative, but the best part of my dinner was the pub sauce.  It was a combination of mayo, Worcestershire and seasoning.  Tomorrow we may try the little Mexican restaurant around the corner.



Stay tuned tomorrow for Church Surch, and The Week In Pictures




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