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50 States, Day 185

  50 States Day 185 San Diego
"Put your heat, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success."
~Swami Sivananda

 The only constant is change, particularly with a hurricane ripping through the neighborhood. I need to throw SWA under the bus-well, under the stroller built for two, anyway. When we attempted to acquire a boarding pass for our flight to Newark, surprise, it's cancelled. I called SWA and punched the appropriate numbers for changing reservations, and waited for a live operator...guess how long?

One minute! Once again, SWA pulls through. The nice lady booked us for Friday. Sooo...with a couple more days available, we conducted a feasibility study for travel to Las Vegas to visit the kids 'n more g'kids.

First, the rental car. Found Advantage would rent us a little Hyundai... Something. A tuna fish can, but total rental, sixty-six bucks. Next, a motel. Sunset Station Casino, a few miles from kids and little ones, forty-eight dollars. Cool.

Time to throw Chase Visa under the fire truck. They cancelled our card again! Can't they call us and warn us? Why must we get left high and dry? Previously the story swung from our charges looked odd, to the card had been compromised. Now they stuck with the compromised story, and overnighted two new cards. Until the cards appeared, we couldn't book anything. They didn't show until 7 p.m. today. Then we had to run to the airport to get the car, and set up the reservations, and don't forget to change the Newark motel again! QG is getting a little testy.

Fortunately, rather than sit on the door stoop waiting for the UPS man, we headed to Mission Bay to stroll the babies. QG stayed behind to enjoy a bit of quiet, a rarity in house with twin infants. The flight change is a pain in the neck, but a nice opportunity to see the kids.

 And tomorrow is Jonathan's (our youngest) birthday. Yup. Born on Halloween. Be great to see him.
Watching the carnage back East keeps us in perspective.


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