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50 States, The week in Pictures, Week 24

50 States Week 24 The Week in Pictures

WWII bunker, right on the beach. Wouldn't happen today even though it's beautiful. Right.

A Catholic Nuns' retreat. Oh to be a nun. Okay maybe not.

Someone paid someone to design this.

Even the traffic control boxes have water. And grass. And ducks. And dolphins and...

Frolicking swimmers in Atlantic City.

Rumor is, Harley made locomotives. But people didn't like them because they were too loud, vibrated and were undependable. So they switched to bikes.

The best motel rate we've found. Everything else has been more.

Marketing 101. Put your business card on the seat. With a rock on it. And leave the keys.

The boys, hanging out.

Cobwebs and ghosts. The kids will be trick or treating as newborns.


Frosted flakes, milk and sweet rolls. That's it. Howard Johnson calls that a 'Continental Breakfast.' For shame.

You can have a cheap motel and still give great customer service. Rodeway Inn in Galloway did just that. In fact, here's a customer service Rave:
At the motel, I took a towel to wipe the seat. The reasoning is this: If I wipe the seat with my towel, I haul around a wet towel indefinitely. As I wiped the seat, the maintenance man saw me. He could just yell at me and say I shouldn't do that. But then he's the bad cop and I'm having a negative experience. What would you do in his shoes? Think about it.
He said, "We have some old towels I'll give you. Some of them are stained or torn, but work well for rags."
What a great way to manage a customer. Now he's helping me with my problems. I'm not disassociated. Everyone's happy. He brought a bag of old towels and I took two.

QG doesn't shoot it, but there is a lot of blight in America. Many medium cities and most big cities have their share, and quite a share at that. Sad.

If it's 2 in the morning and you're at a motel outside the rooms, shut up. 


Merging into freeway traffic can be daunting. But she accelerated onto the ramp and ended up next to an eighteen wheeler. We're running out of ramp. "Oops, we're running out of ramp," she said. Good time to brake. But no, she accelerated. The squeeze is on! Now we're accelerating into the back of a car. The back bumper of the car is getting larger. She brakes with a half car length between us, and congratulations to... the woman drivingus in the car in San Diego who wasn't Quilter Girl. 
That's it for last week. Stay tuned this week and tomorrow we'll do a short story that takes place in Connecticut, with apologies to geeks everywhere. And today's Church Surch is below.

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