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50 States, Day 173

50 States Day 173 Galloway to Atlantic City and Back, 31 Miles
"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right!"

 We played the tourist card today and gawked around Atlantic City. Being Vegas folks, we wanted to see if AC made the grade. First, we followed signs to the north end of the beach and it poured us into a parking garage for a casino, five dollars. Come on, really? The parking at LV is all free, the thinking that one can get into the casino free and easy, leave his money and go home happy. These folks have their hands out right away. One point Vegas.

We found what we thought to be the famous boardwalk, and parts of it were broken down, no beach and the adjacent neighborhoods sketchy. Two points Vegas. "This can't be right," we agreed. We scooted around and headed south, finding more casinos and beaches. We found a dead end street, parked along the curb and took the boardwalk, a really pleasant place to walk, bike or ride in a cart if you're disabled or just plain lazy. The boardwalk and beach made for a nice contrast to the casinos, giving the tourist an open feeling as opposed to Vegas, where the casinos soar into the sky from every side. One point AC.

The beach was huge, flat and sandy, a perfect place for thousands of sun junkies. Today, the enjoyers were few and far between, although the weather idyllic with warm sun and soft ocean breezes. We found The Pier, a...pier off of Caesar's, with-what else-shopping. Did you know that shopping is the number one thing people do on vacation? No wonder the country's going to the dogs. However, the water feature at the end of The Pier proved to be a treat, the water dancing to music and lights. I would have named it 'Water at Play.' One point AC? Not even. The Bellagio fountains make this look like a kid playing in a puddle.

Outside we could peer (Pier? Kidding.) over the side at the Atlantic Ocean as it crashed into the piers (Peers? Okay that's enough.) underneath. All right, score on for Atlantic City.

Back to the bike we rode along the land side of the casinos and wow, the 'hood again. Score one for Vegas. We have some really sketchy areas quite close to the Strip, but you don't fall into them. We parked in Caesar's $5 garage (Score one for Vegas. Actually, I valet park in Vegas, give a five dollar tip and feel like a rich guy.) and walked/gawked through the casino. Don't get me started. Slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, smoke, lights and noise. And I'm the worst gambler as when I lose five dollars, I sulk. I worked hard for that money. So no gambling for me. Anyway, Caesar's looks like any other casino, with columns.  Hungry, we searched for Mexican food. Right. On the East Coast. Wandered into the Tropicana. I snapped a photo and the security guy told me what I didn't know, but wouldn't do that again. Ridiculous. Back to the search. Settled for a sports bar. Once again we headed to the boardwalk, and surprise, the storm expected for tomorrow knocked on the door. We are out of there!

I didn't keep track of the score, but I summarize:
Atlantic City gives the tourist more options such as boating, fishing, tanning, beach and boardwalk walking. However, it feels tackier with junky shops jostling one another, selling trinkets. Las Vegas, stuck in the middle of the desert, still does a great job with what they have. Rent a Corvette, Harley or scooter on the Strip. Pink Jeep tours take you to the outback, and others will take you out in the desert on quads. Indoor skydiving, wild rides indoors and out, and beauty such as the Bellagio fountains, the Treasure Island volcano and New York Harbor give tourists a visual treat. Atlantic City is nice, and I loved the boardwalk, but it takes a distant second to Las Vegas. That's my biased opinion.

And now, fresh from a day of walking-and walking, our own Quilter Girl!

I am tired from all that walking!  I loved the Boardwalk, it was great to be
outside on the ocean.  It is easy walking as it is so flat and the casinos are right there if you want to go inside.  I can see the draw for New Yorkers and other city dwellers.  Tomorrow we will head for Newark so we can find a place to stay, leave the bike and get a ride to the airport for our San Diego trip.  Be ready for pictures of the cutest babies. 



Pam said...

Enjoy your trip to San Diego to connect with those sweet little ones!!!

When do you hit the DC / Northern VA area??? I'd LOVE to see you and get a photo of you and your "famous" bike ha!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

We should be in your neck of the woods a week or two after we return. We haven't planned that far ahead! Let's stay in touch and we'll get together.

Mel Nason said...

DIAGNOSIS: Irritability
SYMPTOMS: Sarcasm, Crabbyness
PRESCRIPTION: Fly to California, Hold grandbabies
RESULT: Peace, Joy, Love, Relaxation, Rejuvenation

I'm no doctor, but I AM a grandparent and , trust me, this prescription works every time (except for the California part). Our grandchildren all live in Washington.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Oh,yeah! Let the spoilin' begin!