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50 States Day 178

  50 States in 50 Weeks Day 178
"Believe you can and you are halfway there."
~Theodore Roosevelt

 The grandbabies are peeing, pooping, sleeping and eating. Not necessarily in that order. And the son-in law and I are painting the babies' room. You don't care!
So it's time for a...

The Apple Wireless Keypad

 You are in for a surprise. Because as much as I have denigrated the (PP!) iPad-tool of the devil...I love the wireless keypad. Pick yourself off the floor. If you write a bit-or quite a bit-on the iPad like I do, the wireless keypad is a necessity. The portable keypad does so much that the onboard screen does not. For instance, moving the cursor over a few letters-a function that irritates me no end-is an easy task with the mobile finger dancing pad. Capitalizing letters works keyboard.

The little cutey boasts a brushed aluminum frame and after being dragged about the countryside in every sort of weather and jammed into various quite small orifices, the keyboard stands up remarkably well. While it lacks a ten key (that would take up too much room), all the other keys are there for your fingers to do the walking. Once in awhile a key sticks and you getttttttttttttttttttttt a bitttttttttttt of a problem. Pretty rare.

Power comes from a single AA battery. Or two. Or one AA or two, I can't
remember. What does that say, besides I have a terrible memory? They last a long time! I've replaced them once in six months, and used the keyboard like an alcoholic uses a paper sack. Only less shaking.
Wouldn't it be cool to have a wireless mouse for the iPad (Horrors! Touch screen people reel back in shock! We love the touch screen! So it takes fifteen times to get the proper command!), but Apple doesn't make one. So go on using the very handy touch screen.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard gets my vote of a Product You Really Can Use. It's just too bad you have to use it with an iPad.
Tomorrow, tune in and we'll compare the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic, since I've been on both the same day. Well, close to them anyway.


Mel Nason said...

You said that a keyyyyyyyy stickssssssss on your keypad once in awhile. Couldn't be from spilt roottttttt beerrrrrr... could it?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Not sure, but since it shows up on the screennnnnnn, I blame the iPad.