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50 States, Day 175

50 States, Day 175 Newark NJ to San Diego, CA  ? Miles

"Apply yourself.  Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something.  Don't just stand there, make it happen."
~Lee Iacocca

Day 175, Week 25, halfway there, right? Well, maybe not. And the reason why may surprise you.

You're probably thinking the weather is beating us down (it is), and we're ready to cut it short and pack it in (we're not).
In fact, we're considering extending the Adventure. Here's why: Oklahoma, Missouri.

First Missouri. We skipped it on the Northern run as it was going to be too hot. Now we need to visit it on the Eastern swing, when we shoot Westward through Kentucky and Tennessee. It puts us later into the South. But the real rub is Oklahoma. We stick to the schedule, and we may be in Okie country in February. Think ice storms. So we're considering staying on in Florida for a few weeks. Maybe a few more.

Perhaps 50 States in 60 Weeks.

This would be a huge paradigm shift for me, Mr. 'We made a goal to do 50 state in 50 weeks, and we will roll into the same park in Las Vegas on April 28th, Sunday, at noon. Mission accomplished.' QG has been working with me to unplug a bit. Why not tour Florida more, let winter pass by, and who cares when we get back? Well the 'Who cares when we get back?' fits with the spirit of the Adventure.

We will take a week off in FL to cruise with QG's mom and dad to celebrate their 60th anniversary (Isn't that cool? 60 years!). Then we may just hang a little looser than anticipated in Florida. Should you want to visit Florida, it could be a good opportunity to hook up with us. You could ride down or rent a bike for a week or drive down and we could go snorkeling together. No, QG won't be joining us for that. Think about it!

So who knows? 50 states in 60 weeks, or tack Canada on top of that, Mexico maybe (ain't happening); we are up in the air right now. But we ain't doing no ice storms.

And now...

700​​          Business cards handed out. Mostly at the bike, or people take them off the seat when we leave it. You may                     have done that, and I say thank you!
5​             Oil changes. Due for another.
2​             Rear tires purchased.
1​             Front tire.
1​             Set new tires for trailer, due for new now.
23,916​            Miles traveled so far. Includes the Alaska rental miles.
30,447​            Miles on the odometer.
5,000​            Miles on odometer when we bought it, Nov '11.
9,025​            Miles on odometer at start.
70 ​            Dollars for r/t for two, Newark to San Diego, Southwest Airline Reward Miles. It pays to use the Visa card like crazy!
20,567.10       Dollars spent so far. Hence the Reward Miles.
118.20 ​           Dollars per day, average.
41​            Gallons of (PP!) Diet Pepsi, or Diet Dr. Pepper so far. Mostly Kevin.
2​            Quilt tops finished and sent home, mostly by Quilter Girl. (okay, all).
646​            Gallons of fuel consumed.
1​            Crash, Denver day 13. Snow. Superstitious? Another low speed tip over, didn't count.
2​            iPads. One broken face plate.
1​           Time pulled over by police. Left with a warning.
47​           States we've been in and out of. Like Idaho twice, WI 2x, etc. NH was 7 times, because the motel was outside Massachusetts.
40 ​           National Monuments, Parks and Historic Sites visited.
23​           Capitol tours. Missed WA, CO, AK, ID.
26​           Churches visited. One weekend a swing and a miss.
27 ​           Short stories written for each state for the book, '50 Stories in 50 States.'
4​           Shorts posted in the blog. Another soon.
261 ​           50 States Blog posts.
2 ​           Baby grandkids born.

1​           I conducted one wedding ceremony, bonus!
Whew! I got tired just writing it. Thanks for following, and we are halfway there. Approximately.



Mel Nason said...

Whew!!! You had me worried that you were gonna throw in the (wet) towel! I know... I should have known better! Your decision to extend the tour makes the entire adventure even that much more impressive! All I can say is, "Team Parsons Rocks!"

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

We're just too lazy to ride all the way back from the East Coast.

Anonymous said...
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