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The Week in Pictures, Week 18

The Week in Pictures, Week 18

Met new friends at dinner, old friends now.

The Hershey story. And a great story too! He went bankrupt 4 times before success.

It's beginning to look a lot like... Autumn.

The three k's: Candy, crap and kids. Wait, that's the 3 C's. No that's not right...

Camping with a pond. Managed to get a shot without the geese. Jeez! I just stepped in... Oh, no.

Occupy Harrisburg exercising their 1st amendment right. The right to whine.

The same bridge, morning and evening.

Common fences in PA. Too rocky for fence posts.

A Harley. No vroom vroom, but a ring a ding ding ding two stroke.

What, no worship here? But you have such a nice steeple! Those crazy Presbies.

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