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50 States, the Week in Pictures

50 States The Week in Pictures

Week 21

Sooo. The moose lost his antler and got a cloth fuzzy one instead?

Looks like they did everything possible to discourage us from hiking. Then they told us what it would cost.

Okay. To register your deer, do you need to smog test it first? I'm getting a comical visual here...

A wild animal attack. A wild METAL animal attack.

How Scar Bear got his start.

The ebb and flow of campground vacancy. That green dot is our tent.

Risking my life to get a good wildlife shot.

What do you know? A shopping cart that you sit inside. Bums- I mean, homeless people are going to love these things.

Who's the most tired? I call it a tie.

Personally, I thought there were plenty of chairs at the wedding. 


Mel Nason said...

Judging by your last photo, that must have been some party!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Actually, she was playing with a kid under the table. Which is worse, really. If you're drunk, you have a great excuse.