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50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 20

50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 20

Sooo... is breakfast here and worship there... and where do the kids go? Who's on first?

RV and bus parking. Sometimes we're an RV. But we're never a bus.

The wise man built his house upon a rock- then cantilevered it.

They're looking for the falling waters.

They up and built a skyscraper eleven stories high.

"Boys, go collect anything bigger than a matchstick. We're going to build us a fort."

Splish splash I was takin' a bath... or, Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

No wonder they call it the Hurricane Deck.

Okay, maybe this is a good example of why we might need Homeowners Associations.

Nothing that a can of Rust Oleum paint can't fix.

We'll see you again next week! 


Mel Nason said...

If the farmer who owns the barn belonged to a HOA, his barn would be properly repaired and beautifully painted. As far as the house and 'artwork' in the photo above the barn, their place wouldn't look quite so colorful...

Mel Nason said...

Actually, if a HOA were involved, the house AND the barn would BOTH be cream colored with no more than one accent color... the owner's choice of beige, or beige! Those HOA people can be control freaks!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Hey, no bad talk about HOAs. And polish that sidewalk.