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50 States, Day 138

50 States, Day 138. Battleboro to Quechee,   77 Miles
"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change."

Funny how your attitude changes when the iPad is up and running. Shoot, those voices that want me to do crazy things, I can hardly hear them anymore. QG lets me handle sharp objects again.

We got a record setting late start, 12:30, as I spent quite some time talking to geeks and getting our wifi to talk to the iPad. Then post a blog, pick up our toys and flee.

There's no struggle to search for a scenic byway in Vermont. Anything with pavement will do. The trees cover every inch of landscape, and the rumor is two more weeks and the colors change. Look out for the beauty!

We ran a short while and found a quilt shop, the first one in a three state drought. When we found it, QG jumped off the bike on the freeway and ran ahead. Okay, maybe not. But thank God we found one. In a clever marketing technique, the shop was tucked in the woods on a remote road with an almost unreadable sign. 

Nevertheless, three groups of women with broken down men perused the shop. This broken dow- I mean, man- sat outside and read a book. Another BDM came out and we chatted. Mostly man stuff, like, "Never plant pine trees. See those broken branches? They come breaking off in an ice storm and could kill you." Being from Las Vegas, I nodded sagely,
uncomprehending of what ice would be doing outside a glass of (PP!) Diet Pepsi.

Back on the scooter and QG can hardly keep her smile inside the full coverage helmet. She found some really cool pieces. Her report was the shop had LOTS of choice fabric.

We found another KOA and settled there, dropping the trailer and off to town for a delicious lunner.

 Next we hiked the Queeche River Canyon, known as Vermont's Little Grand Canyon. I've been to the grand Grand Canyon and this takes a distant second. Like 190 laps back at the Daytona 500. But very nice, and the waterfalls were beautiful. QG and I talked about it and came up with a good story for this area.

A bit of shopping and back to the KOA, where soon the sun set, and dark before eight. The days are getting shorter, the nights colder. Break out the quilt!  Tomorrow, no promises, but we should tour the Capitol and Ben and Jerry's. Four bucks to tour an ice cream factory; they should pay me! At least they could give free samples.


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