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50 States, Day 130

50 States Day 130 Gowonda to Grand Island NY, 67 Miles
"If you want to be happy, be."
~Leo Tolstoy

We boarded the boat and rode upriver, a beautiful day with full sunshine, calm water and views on both sides of the canyon above us. In a matter of minutes, rain fell; the wind accompanied it, sending the rain sideways and the water below the boat rolled and thrashed. Visibility became almost none and people gasped in wonder.

That's a look at the tour of Niagara Falls. The falls-three of them-together empty the Great Lakes, and what an awesome sight. The water thunders over the edges, both Canadian and American, falling 180 feet and sending up huge clouds of mist. No wonder people of every nationality gasp in wonder aboard the 'Maid of the Mist.' The boat took us amazingly close to the bottom of the falls, and the ponchos did the job well. We could keep them as souvenirs, but chose to dump them in the recycling. Limited space, you know.

While the ride was relatively short, the view and experience were both magnificent; people disembarked laughing and talking animatedly, having enjoyed a great ride.

They provided other methods of observing the falls, including an observation deck, paths, and another country with a full on view. But truly a thing of beauty.

Rewind the tape and we spent the night at the Bates Motel. Fortunately, no cockroaches carried us off and no one in a hockey mask broke down the door. But it kept us dry, and after the gully washer the evening before, it did the job. And some of the amenities really added to the charm. Like forty years of cigarette smoke, embedded in the walls. Original towels. Imagine what they might be worth! And a dripping faucet in the tub, enduring the user of fresh water. Funny only one other patron enjoyed their units last evening. Seems they cater to the desperate.

After firing up and riding, the Bates Motel proved to be a good choice, as not another rental domicile existed until Buffalo, which would certainly have been a soaking. So no more whining.

I experienced a first today. For the first time I really missed the family. I've missed them all along, but not like this. I want to see the kids and really want to love on those grandkids. Fortunately, our nephew Nick is getting married in a few weeks and we'll fly there and see most of them. Looking forward to that. Tomorrow, more Niagara Falls and thereabout. See you then and thanks for following.


Anonymous said...

Saw your bike today at Niagra Falls. We were parked right next to you in our gold wing with the kwik kamp.

Where are you heading next? We are going to Maine for lobster then going to head to the Blue Ridge Parkway (again).

Have a safe trip!! :)

Mike and Sharron

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Mike and Sharron,
We're touring Niagara today, then probably following the water North. Being desert rats, we love seeing water! Then Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, maybe not in that order. Glad we could hook up! Was your bike the white Gold Wing with the trailer?