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50 States, Day 119

Day 119 Bear Creek to Jefferson, OH. 141 Miles

You may have noticed the daily miles have shrunk. We tend to park two nights and ride a day trip from the campground, then move on. And the next move seems closer. The further east we travel, the smaller the states, hence shorter trips. That and we get started late.

Today we launched, particularly late as we needed to take care of some business things. So at 11:50 we rolled onward.
The Ohio countryside did not disappoint, but because QG and I both had bad attitudes (not necessarily toward each other); we rode and failed to take most of it in. After two hours, I checked our progress. Sixty-one miles. Then we had misdirections, as roads closed for construction, we missed turns, and directions seemed unreadable. We rolled into (PP!) Thousand Trails Kenisee Lake at six and grousing. Yet the sun shone, the last day of a picture perfect week of gorgeous weather.
And on that note, we present:
See the double yellow lines? And the intersection up ahead? And the crest of a hill beyond that? You're not supposed to pass here. QG says you owe her ten minutes of her life, taken off for stress.
Since Minnesota, the roads are terrible. No need for speed limits as the frost heaves, dips and potholes keep them down.
Hat off to KOA in Buckeye Lake. Best campground anywhere. So far.
Speaking of that, the Thousand Trails in Wilmington needs a makeover. A little Botox and some time in the tanning booth.
People are so friendly it's unbelievable. It's easy to strike up a conversation.
Finding a level campsite can be a challenge. Either the tent looks like Toontown, or the foot of the bed elevates. And once it's set up, we ain't changing it. Picnic tables too.
Campers run the gamut, from almost homeless, living in a cheap camper by the month, to $400k motorhomes with full timers, pulling a (PP!) Cadillac Escalade.
The longer I haven't had a dog, the less tolerant I am of them.

31 MPH average today. What's the hurry?
18,489 Total miles so far.
17 Weeks completed
18 States completed, including Ohio. We hit PA on Monday
90 Gallons of (PP!) Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper. Approximately. No, I'm not addicted.
10 Days in a row in the tent, a record.
10 Days in a row of under 90 temperatures.
51 Books QG has read. Approximately. No, she's not addicted.
That's it for Week 17! Thanks for following. We'll hit Pennsylvania Monday and spend the week there, with Saturday being the AMA National Steel City Motocross race. See you then.
Don't forget the previous blog for the AMA Museum.

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