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50 States The Week in Pictures

The Week in Pictures, Week 16

Amish country, and quilt squares abound!

Yeah, it's a big fat comfortable RV, but does it have a red white and blue wrap? Huh? No? So there.

Last supper quilt made from squares. I was more impressed than Quilter Girl.

Cool mural, daunting skies.

Look at the fine craftsmanship of this paving. Really. Good for 200+ mph speeds. Awesome.

This guy rode a Bike Wheel trike when he was a kid.

Homeless people all over Indy with signs. I love this one. I left a penny on the seat.

Don't leave the family behind, bring 'em along!

Chicks ride bike too. Bad fast bikes.

The Honda Team hard at work at the Moto GP.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and QG finds a quilt to admire.


Mel Nason said...

Thanks for all the pics. I love the one of the bike with the cardboard sign saying, "Please help, I need more chrome!" In fact, I'm thinking about making one for my bike...

Mel Nason said...

It's nice to see that you appreciate the 'fine craftsmanship' of the pavement on the track. That leads me, however, to an all-important question...

Q: If any portion of the track is not in perfect condition, whose fault is it?
A: It's the asphalt, of course!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yeah, I think I'll get a cardboard sign that reads, 'homeless, need class A RV'