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50 States, Day 117

50 States Day 117, Buckeye Lake to Bear Creek, Ohio 138 Miles
"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise, they will kill you."
~Oscar Wilde

First, we gotta give it up for Buckeye Lake (PP!) KOA Campground. Best campground ever! Look at the photos; tile and televisions in the bathrooms, neat cabins, should you not have an RV, and a beautiful setting. And little traffic noise, which is unusual for KOAs. Hats off to the Buckeyes.

Today we didn't visit, tour, gawk or shop. We just rode. And the country we rode through, oh my. The roads wound through canopies of trees then out busts bisected farmland as it winds up and down, with tight curves and off camber turns. The magnificent weather put the icing on the cake, as the mercury rose to 86 with clear skies and calm. The afternoon mixed it up a bit with pretty cumulus clouds.

Ohio gets first place-and the only state-with ridiculous speed limits. Today the sign read, '55', with a 30 mph turn within a quarter mile and unmarked. Most turns, all over the country, are marked at what I feel is about ten miles per hour below a comfortable speed. Not Ohio. Learning this lesson keeps one awake.

We endured our first major breakdown-to the tent! When we set up last night, a nut had fallen off a bolt that pretty much held the entire side together-tent poles, bed hinge, and the cover deck.  Our KOA friends hooked us up with another nut and QG and I wrestled it back into place.

Tonight we enjoyed an evening by the fire with new friends, Steve and Carla. So nice to sit and watch the flames dance and talk about...a lot of stuff. Steve rides dirt bikes. All right!
Parking at this KOA stretched my nerves, as the sites were stacked along a steep hill, steep enough that I couldn't hold the bike and trailer with the front brake. I had to ride past the site, get to the top of the hill, turn round and head into the spot, then unhook the trailer and wrestle the bike back around it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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