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50 States Day 105

Day 105, Traverse City to Zeeland,   190 Miles
"Argue for your limitations and that is what they become."
~Richard Bach

We left the (PP!) KOA at the crack of eleven. Sometimes things take a bit longer than anticipated.
"Honey, I'm going to the office and buy some ice."
I took off in my pursuit and halfway there, decided I should be efficient and
brush my teeth as well. I returned and got the toothbrush. Went to the entrance of the campground, brushed my teeth and used the restroom. Went back to the site and put my wallet away in the bike.
"Where's the ice?"
I headed back to the store. Reached for my wallet.
Returned to the bike, my head hung low.
"Where's the ice?"
Third time's a charm:
Get the wallet and,
Remember the ice remember the ice remember the ice remember the ice.
I got the ice.

More Michigan, with forests, farmland, lakeshore and vistas. Very nice!
We arrived at Holland, Michigan at three p.m., a miracle. We told our friend
Jason we would arrive around three. We've never been within three hours
anywhere, so showing up on time certainly passed as a miracle. Friends are awesome. We toured his house, sat outside in the perfect weather (75, sunny clear) and got caught up on old news.
We had a few hours with Jason then time dictated we must leave to see Amber and her brood. Back to our usual behavior, we showed up an hour or so late. Amber killed the fatted calf for us. Okay, it was actually lasagna, salad, French bread, and two desserts, peach cobbler with ice cream and blueberry coffee cake. Amber is a secret agent for (PP!) Jenny Craig, I just know it.
Not only did Amber hook us up with a meal fit for a king... or a pig, she put us up with a place to stay. So for two nights we are in a house, in a room, and in a bed. Wow!
Okay, time for the Weekly Wrap Up.

People in campgrounds with yappy dogs drive me nuts. One word: Doggie Day Care. Okay, that was three.
This KOA featured a kids' train, complete with a whistle. Very cool. They pick up your trash too. I would have the train stop and pick up trash. Two birds one stone and all.

There are friends you can talk to and there are friends you can talk to and
there are friends you can share your deepest secrets. Best friends.  
Pasties (pass tees) are pretty good. Even with rutabagas in them. My advice?
Whenever you can, try something new. Take a risk.
Sand hills are tough to climb. If I were training for... anything and it was
close, I'd use it to train.
QG is a trooper. The Mackinaw Bridge has those steel grates on it, and she hates that. A freighter passed underneath us, so I'm leaning out to see it below. She did not enjoy the trip. The side winds didn't help either.
Three candidates this week.
1.) You decided to break camp and leave with your fifth wheel trailer. Should
have removed those jacks. The neighbor has to tell you to stop. You couldn't
hear the screeching? It entertained the rest of us, however.
2.) You rode along the highway then stopped at a flashing amber light, thinking it was a stop, but your wife yelled, "Why are you stopping? It's an amber light." Oh, wait a minute. That was me. I bet the truck driver that had to stop behind me wasn't pleased.
3.) Another one. Why when you pass must you take a third of my lane? Jeez! Just turn the wheel a tiny bit to the right and it's all good. Shame on you.
And the winner is (drumroll please)...
Number one, fifth wheel trailer jacker! Congratulations. Great job.
I forgive myself, so number two was exempt. I understand completely.
2            Million years. The 'scientists' say it took that long to create
              the Sleeping Bear Islands. Should have talked to the ones back West,
              that said thirteen million years. Oh, it's just eleven million years
12,240   Dollars spent so far.
118.83   Spent per day.
70          Dollars in repairs. Guess what for? QG's helmet. Hinge broken. And
              new face shields.
302.82   Dollars, most spent in a day. Includes motel, oil change, Lambeau
              Field scalped tickets, etc.
Stay tuned tomorrow for Church Surch. I found an unusual church, specializing in addictions. Stay tuned.
And next week, Indiana. After Lansing, the Michigan capitol, of course.

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