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50 States Weekly Wrap Up

50 States Rants, Raves...

It must have been late last night, because I forgot the Weekly Wrap Up. My apologies!


Quilter Girl and I have moved the Canadians to top of the list of friendly countries. They are always ready for a chat. England and Germany get silver and bronze, respectively.
Minnesota wins the worst roads of the country so far. Expansion joints that jar your teeth, cracks, weeds growing in them, gravel scattered on the pavement in turns, and those awful detours.
Being a Las Vegan (not a Vegan!) we suffer with humidity above... around three percent. Okay, maybe twelve.
Someone yesterday asked us, for the first time, what we're going to do after the Adventure. Still, haven't a clue.
Thanks to the three deer this week, two on one occasion, who crossed the road in front of us. The single animal was a bit of a panic stop, but not a screaming in terror event. Anyway, thanks for getting across quickly. Lots of signs of deer who didn't make it. Remember, look both ways. Oh, that's right. You're a deer.
Amazing how, in the middle of summer, we're seeing campgrounds a third full, restaurants with few patrons, and no lines into events. Sketchy economy, for sure.
And now,


Minnesota. Back road. You in the blue car. Tailgater. For shame. Back off, Jack!


9,348             Dollars we've spent so far, as of July 11th
128.05          Average daily spending. Includes the flights to Alaska, and an unforeseen tow truck ride on day 13 
46,738          Extrapolated (big word!) amount we're on track to spend the entire trip, below budget
56,985          Original budget
15,000          Lakes in Minnesota
700 million  Dollars, value estimated of the Glensheen Mansion
81                Fill-ups of gas, so far
6                  Nights in friends' houses. Thank you! QG has thirteen as she stayed with her folks when I went solo to Alaska
10                Countries following the blog. Russia, you're in second place. Thank You! I hope you all enjoy it. 


Mel Nason said...

If you spend the extrapolated estimate of ONLY $46,738, you'll SAVE $10,247 (nearly 18 percent) of your original budget. That could be enough to take yourselves on a nice vacation. Just sayin'.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Maaybe with the money saved, we could go for a motorcycle trip. Just sayin.'

Mel Nason said...

Hadn't thought of THAT! Wonder what Quilter Girl would think of such a great idea?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Sometimes she shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Body language that says, "Great idea!"