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50 States Day 84

Day 84, Adel to Amana, Iowa 140 miles

"Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do."
~John Wooden

Maybe it was lack of sleep. Last night I finally got up and eventually went to bed at 1:30. Hopefully, that's the reason. Or the heat. Of course, the heat caused the sleep deprivation.
Because I got tired of riding, we rode to the capitol and then headed to the Amana Colonies. We stopped for fuel on the way and I asked QG how far to go. She dug out the map and pointed. We're about a third of the way."
What a whiner. We'd gone around forty miles from the capitol. But the heat didn't help either.

First, the state capitol. The setting is rather mundane, no exquisite landscaping. However, the building wears five cupolas, one on each corner and the big one, in gold leaf, stands tall in the center. The tourists get reserved parking, very nice. But then... we are shoveled off to the side entrance like peasants. I hate that.

Through security and into the center of the building, it looks austere, with plain floors and pine walls. The tour guide takes us upstairs, and oh, what a magnificent structure!
The wainscoting, rather than wood, is marble. Three different colors. Huge 'paintings' from marble tiles the size of a pinkie fingernail. The center, circular, takes one's vision to the inside of the cupola, a marvelous artistic accomplishment.

The courtroom is similarly decorated with marble but the bench for the justices is hand carved.
The House and Senate are marvels too. The law library is five stories of books, with spiral staircases and wrought iron railings that twist up to the heavens.

So we award the Iowa Capitol first place (so far) for aesthetic quality, hands down.
Back on the MotoBago and off to Amana. It's a colony of German people with traditional and simple rules of faith. Not as severe as Amish, as they drive cars and engage in commerce. Their buildings lean (not lean, literally) toward brick. We'll check it out tomorrow. Today we're hot and tired and camped at a non (PP!) KOA, a field with RVs dotted throughout. No pool. Steel buildings that look like farm buildings. Flat and boring. We considered two nights here but will probably violate our principles and ride, probably to a motel for a cool break. You'd think we'd learn about using (PP!) KOAs exclusively, but we couldn't find any in the area.

And now, The Weekly Wrap Up
3.48.            Per gallon. And 89 octane regular.
14,340.        Miles so far
12.               Weeks, starting tomorrow
13.               States
5.                 Friends and relatives we've stayed with, so far.
275.             Feet tall, Capitol
15.              Years to build
3,296,256.  Dollars to build.
You slowed but didn't stop, then took off, almost cutting off a car, until your wife told you to watch it. Wait a minute. That was me. Oh. Well... I forgive myself.
I spent an hour and a half with a farmer at the demolition derby and he never asked me about myself. Some people are like that.
Dawn, at the gas station however, engaged us and we had a nice talk. You rock, Dawn!
Maybe it's the rural riding, but drivers for the most part, are safe and courteous.
Pray for rain. The farmers are worried they will lose their crops. Not good. And buy Corn Flakes before the price skyrockets!
We hardly see or hear the news, and that's a good thing. Somehow, we do catch it though, like the Aurora Colorado shootings. Terrible. Outside of that, ignorance is bliss.
The girls at the fair dress just like the West, with too tight shirts and shorts, but then cowboy boots?
Man, the Midwest is big. These farms feed a lot of people. Although most of the corn is for cattle, which... is for food too.

Tomorrow, I'll check out the Amana Church. See you there.


Mel Nason said...

The inside of the Iowa State Capitol is simply, uh... marbleous!

Mel Nason said...

I'm glad you were able to find it in your heart to forgive this week's "Stupid Driver of the Week". I hope Quilter Girl was on board with the forgiveness thing, too.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

She forgives, but wonders about the 'forgiving seventy times seven' in the Bible.

Mel Nason said...

If you NEED forgiveness more than 70 x 7 times, would you be breaking the NEED LIMIT? Another question: Is that 490 times per hour, day, month, year, lifetime... or what? Any Bible scholars out there who can shed some light on this?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I just keep asking and she keeps saying yes.

bonnie first said...

Hi Kevin and Sherri,
We met you at a KOA in Spearfish SD in early July. We have the German Shepherd. I just picked back up on your blog.

Can't tell yet if you have hit Ky, yet, but if not, would like to invite you to stay with us when you do. I believe you gave me a card w your email address but just in case not, here is the invitation.

Bonnie and Rodger First

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Well, great to have you back, Bonnie. We'll be in Kentucky somewhere around Nov 20- 27. We'd love to stay with you. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride with us. Hope Kentucky is cooler than Iowa and Illinios.